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al-Kalim Akhbar! (Ylari Resistance to the Infidels)

by Bruce Heard

Got your attention, infidels? Good, now listen to the awe-inspiring plans of the mighty Kin faction to drive to hated foreign devils out of the sacred land of our forefather, al-Kalim!

So, we have, as of AC 1019, hordes of foreign devils occupying Ylaruam. What to do?

*Just some ideas*

AC 1020 (Spring): Seeing that the foreign devils have gained the upper hand, and the Preceptors appear to be co-operating with them, the most ardent supporters of the Kin faction leave Abbashan and other strongholds, and venture north, into the Dead Lands (is that what they're called - where the Magian Fire-Worshippers live?).

AC 1020 (Summer): The Kin supporters encounter a small group of Magian Fire Worshippers. At first, the Kin react with hatred, wishing to attack and destroy these infidels while they have the chance, but the wise words of one of the strange hill-dwellers, a woman speaking in strangely-accented Ylari, calms the most ardent among the Kin, saying that they, too, are dismayed at the presence of foreigners on Ylari soil. Intrigued, the Kin decide to hear them out at least, and so the woman relates tales of brutal assaults on defenceless villages, and the enslavement of many by the fair-skinned barbarians. Although the Magians do not share the faith, they appear to be suffering at the hands of the occupiers, and thus are opposed to their presence.*

*DM Note - The mysterious woman is in fact Senkha, would-be ruler of Nithia in the Hollow World. Delusional from the influence of Burrowers, she has made her way to the surface world, guided by the thoughts of her inhuman masters to the Dead Lands, where the inhabitants have preserved some of the less savoury Nithian traditions and rites, and who closely resemble their Nithian ancestors. Senkha is the prefect tool to organise the Magians into a weapon of chaos, and the appearance of the Kin makes things even better.