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Akuba (City-State of)

Location: West of Tangor Empire, immediately east of the Confederated Kingdoms of Minaea, Tarystian Coast. SK

Area: 3,800 sq. mi. (9,850 sq. km.).

Population: 17,000 humans, 90% of Tangor ethnicity.

Languages: Tangor, Minaean (both are considered official languages).

Coinage: Abu (gp), ku (sp). Minaean and Tangor coinage accepted.

Taxes: 10% income tax, collected half on Nu. 1 and half on Fe. 1. Taxes are low to boost national trade. There is an import tax of 5%, and non-Akubans must pay to get licenses for conducting a lot of activities (including trade, owning a shop, etc.).

Government Type: Democracy.

Industries: Agriculture (bananas, cocoa, dates), crafts.

Important Figures: Kulu Pomba (Governor).

Flora and Fauna: No humanoids live in the small territory of the city. Giant crabs live on the beaches, and the sea is rich with fish of all types, and of giant squids and octopi. Dolphins and sahuagin are occasionally found.

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Last Year's Events: None to report.