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Al's Excellent Adventure

by Tristan Dunigan

Last Friday, I "re-started" a Savage Coast game that I had abandoned a while back due to attendance. Just thought Id share a bit of it with you all...and hopefully I'll be able to keep you all updated as to the adventures and misadventures of the current party. Currently this is the make-up of the group, but I already know I'm losing 3 people in December...perhaps I should plan a glorious death scene...hmmmm...Basically, if anyone is familiar with the Thieves Challenge II Beacon Point adventure...that's what I used...with a few modifications.

Arturo Cortese: A Bard/Swashbuckler from Gargoña
Morgan De'Chou: A Thief/ Swashbuckler from Texeiras
Andres Ortiz: A Fighter/Pirate from Vilaverde
Dante Assad: A Mage/Mystic from Saragón
Teleri: A Wanderer Druid from Robrenn
Na-Len Blythe: A Rakasta Honourbound Fighter
Andre Lemieux: A Lupin Thief/ Scout
Mikell Von Shaffer: A War Priest from Eusdria

The party begins in the Texeiran port city of Boa Mansão; all strangers with different destinations. They are all waiting to board a ship that will skirt the entire coast. The journey leaves port without a hitch...until the first night that is, when the ship runs into a jagged patch of reef that tears the bottom open. It is also at this point that pirates raid the ship and overpower the passengers.

The PCs wake up along a beach...most of their possessions are well as their Cinnabryl. The only thing in sight is an "abandoned" lighthouse, but somehow a fire is burning and a basket of food is nearby. Just when the PC's are settling down, they are attacked by overwhelming number of Crabmen. Panic ensues and the PC's take off for the cliffside road. Luckily for them two boys are here with bows and flame arrows. The fire is enough to scare the Crabmen away and the PC's were escorted to the local village....

It turns out that the PCs have washed up on a barrier island off Texeiras where the lighthouse was supposed to be functioning. The townsfolk receive them rather coldly (as most of them are in league with the very pirates that sunk the ship the PC's were on the night before) It turns out that the only way off the island is the monthly supply ship that arrives in 23 days. Of course by this time, affliction will have set in, so the PC's are extremely motivated to find more Cinnabryl and get off the island.

Eventually they return to the lighthouse to discover the "big picture". The lighthouse keeper is keeping his head down so the pirates don't try to finish him off. Apparently, for months the pirates were using rowboats to make ultra-accurate charts of the reefs, so that they might navigate through them, while forcing other ships to break apart on the coral heads. It also turns out the pirates have a hidden cove on the island....

Now, the PCs plan on finding that cove and either "borrowing" a ship to return to land, or making a "large signal" so that the Texeiran Marines will storm ashore and force the pirates out....

After returning to town and putting their plans clear earshot of the townsfolk...they were promptly run out of town. The continued back to the lighthouse and the lighthouse keeper gave the PC's some healing potions and sent them away. When we stopped, it was late at night and the PC's stumbled their way to the northern portion of the island and found some temple ruins, being guarded by a Tortle. The Temple was once a shrine to Mother Ocean, before the pirates ransacked it, killed the cleric, and took its treasures. The PC's vowed to get the relics back for the Tortle. Right after they all get a good nights sleep......

What happens next? Tune in next time to see.