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Al's Excellent Adventure II

by Tristan Dunigan

When we last left our intrepid adventurers, they had all settled down for a well deserved nights rest....all but Dante Assad, the Mystic, who has to meditate nightly before sleep. So, the Mystic settles down into his trance....and awakens two hours later only to find himself in a stockade cell!

Dawn breaks and the party realises that their mage has been abducted. The Lupin Scout determines that a large group of people came through the jungle during the wee hours of the morning, snatched Dante, and headed back for town. The group goes over several plans, but in the end, Arturo and Morgan decide, "Let's just go in there and get em!"...and once a Swashbuckler decides on a course of action, there is little ANYBODY can do to change their mind. So, its off for Beacon Point!

Upon arrival at the village, the PC's see that the population has exploded. A ship is docked in the small harbour, and farmers and ranchers from the surrounding countryside have come to make a few Oro. The PC's once again begin their debate; What to do? The village his bustling with people and livestock....lots of cattle. The Druid, Teleri, has an idea and Morgan, as if reading her mind, simply grins and uses her War Cry legacy! The once peaceful village of Beacon Point has just become the site of the First Annual Barrier Island Round-Up! Too bad there are no Gaucho's present to get a handle on things.....While the citizens, pirates, and militia are dealing with all things bovine, the PC's sneak into the Stockade, overpower the few guards that are present, and make their getaway....a grateful Dante in tow. Their destination.....the Lighthouse.

Upon arriving at the lighthouse, they make a grizzly discovery. The lighthouse keeper has been killed! After a brief burial ceremony near the lighthouse garden, the PC's begin to search the place for any helpful clues. It is in the keepers study that they discover the charts and notes that will eventually lead them to a secret cave and tunnel that leads to the pirates secret cove!

The PCs set out and do indeed find the secret entrance and follow the caverns to the pirate cove.....unfortunately, they have made quite a bit of noise dealing with a drunken bunch of off-duty sailors and alerted the sentries outside the cave. They alert their companions and begin lobbing flasks of fire oil into the cave mouth....followed by a torch. The cave fills with thick black smoke and the party is forced to retreat down the cave and back to the other side.........

What will our hearty band do next? Will they end up being keel-hauled by a group of blood-thirsty buccaneers? Will they somehow signal the Texeiran Marines to come save the day? Tune in next week.....same Tortle time.....same Tortle channel