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The Domain of Aland

by Jacob Skytte

Aland lies at the eastern coast of Noslo Island in the Kingdom of Ostland. It is a small domain, consisting of two hexes of forest, and two clear hexes. The domain has plenty of wood for its own use, and grows crops and does enough fishing to support the populace. Foreigners are allowed to trade with the domain, and all Ostlanders are welcome here as long as they observe the proper etiquette. Aland rarely raids, being more focused on expanding its hold on the Isle of Dawn.

Head of Domain: Gunnbjorn Askoldson rules this domain in the name of his father Askold Ubbison. His great hall of Stormly (Storm Shelter) lies in the village of Vinterdal (Winter Dale).

Population: 2000 people live in Aland. Of these 500 are thralls, 1100 are non-warrior freemen, and 400 are warriors. 800 people carry arms and will fight if threatened by invaders or unrest.


The village of Vinterdal (300 inhabitants) houses the great hall of Stormly. The village lies in a valley, protected from the fierce storms of winter. The great hall was recently constructed, and is a fine example of Ostland architecture. Gunnbjorn Askoldson is rarely here though, spending most of his time in the colony of Aland on the Isle of Dawn. While he is away his wife, Erika the Crow, handles the daily business of ruling the domain.


Near Ostland, Gunnbjorn Askildson has managed to carve a small domain out of the wilds of the Isle of Dawn. Taking a few hundred people from his father's domain of Varmgard, Gunnbjorn Askildson spends most of his time trying to settle this wilderness, and build a small town to attract settlers from Ostland. The colony is basically a few dozen great halls, but is being slowly expanded to house more people. Food is barely adequate, since most inhabitants are helping with the construction, and do not spend much time fishing or hunting. Every month the colony receives supplies from Zeafort to help in its establishment. There are no thralls here at the moment, since security is lax, and most people are armed at all times in this unknown terrain. Foreigners are welcome and do not risk being taken thralls. Ostland has the blessing of the Emperor of Thyatis for this colony as it serves to further Thyatian-friendly might on the Isle of Dawn. The local Thyatians in the area are less thrilled at the prospect of Ostlander neighbours.

Gunnbjorn Askoldson

Lawful 9th level Fighter (Str 10, Int 13, Wis 11, Dex 16, Con 14, Cha 9, AC 3, hp 52)

Personality Traits: Loyal/Unreliable 16/4, Energetic/Lazy 15/5, Generous/Greedy 15/5

23 years old, Blonde hair, Blue eyes

Gunnbjorn was raised by his father, Askold Ubbison (jarl of Varmgard) to be a warrior, strong of body and spirit. He never displayed great physical strength, since his growth was severely stunted when he suffered from sheep pox as a child.

Sheep Pox

This affliction is very common in Ostland. It is highly contagious. Once recovered from the infection, the victim is immune for the remainder of his/her life. Victims of sheep pox suffer -1 to their Charisma score, and runs the risk (25% chance) of also losing 1 point of Strength and Constitution. Curing the disease magically in time will prevent these losses.

Gunnbjorn has honed his dexterity, however, and is hardy. Having inherited his father's calculating mind, he was deemed worthy of his own domain 5 years ago, and was ceded control of Aland. He is still very attached to his parents, and is, of course, a member of clan Varmgard. Gunnbjorn was not satisfied with the small strip of land, but had no intentions of conquering land from his fellow countrymen. When King Hord announced his intentions of colonising the Isle of Dawn, Gunnbjorn seized the opportunity to expand his rule. He is fiercely loyal to his father, and to King Hord, being grateful that he would be given this opportunity to expand the lands of Ostland.

When fighting Gunnbjorn wears a leather armor+2 called "Olger's Gave" (Olger's Gift), and wields a battle axe+1. He also carries a hand axe+3; returning called "Sult" (Hunger) that he often throws at opponents from a distance before closing in for melee.

Gunnbjorn married Erika the Crow three years ago. She bore him a daughter called Grima Erikasdottir in AC 998, and is pregnant with his second child.

Erika the Crow (Lawful Normal Woman; Peaceful/Violent 14/6, Generous/Greedy 15/5, Loyal/Unreliable 17/3) was a woman living in the village of Vinterdal when Gunnbjorn first settled there. He was taken by her dark, shining hair, and her thin, striking figure. Erika is without ambitions and dedicated to her family. She is very intelligent, and rules the domain when Gunnbjorn is away. Erika is six months pregnant, but is as stunningly beautiful as ever, having gained no unnecessary weight during her pregnancies. Erika is 21 years old.