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The Great Game - more from Alatorill

by Jeff Daly

"But master, they asked him, what of these 12 grey men thou dost speak of?

And greatly wroth became he. Fools! He spake, hast thou not guess the significance of the 12 grey men? Twelve for the greybeards, dead defying demon, seven seals unholy one, deep within catacombs vile, three the signs of the end pray thou dost not see them, and two for thy hope of salvation, pray thou liveth long enough!

But master, some ventured, master why dost thou not show us these men, that we may take them and hide them away against the heroes coming? And others spake, saying, nay! Let us use them and fulfil the prophecy now, that we might set Alatorill above all gods and reap the benefits. Then it was that Alatorill became so angered he could not speak. He gestured to the sky and it was darkened. He pointed to the ground and it trembled. He gazed at each until their blood ran cold in their veins.

And he said, know you the signs will appear Alphatia will shatter. It is our doom and our destiny! Our great charge, and yet our greatest hope!

He laughed and continued, know that you are fools lusting after your own destruction, for I say to thou, by my troth these things will not come to pass ere the mighty citadel falls, the holy horsemen fall, and the great vine withers!"

--from the teachings of Alatorill