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Lord Alavraen the Grey, Baronet Faymir

by Matthew Levy

Male High Elf Mage level 1
upper class, XP 175, AL LG
Str 9
Dex 8
Con 9
Int 18
Wis 8
Cha 13

hp 4 AC 10 Move 12
THAC0 17 damage d4/d3+2 (dagger +2)

speaks Thyatian, Elvish, Mehirgudi (14), Tumassen (14)

proficiencies: riding 8, read/write (Elvish & Thyatian) 13, etiquette 10, dagger (bonus)

read magic, comprehend languages, hypnotism, protection from evil, erase, change self (m)

Alavraen is one of the younger children of an expatriate noble clan from Alfheim who have settled in Specularum. His title of Baronet conveys no lands or real authority beyond mere recognition of his status as a noble, but his mostly just an annoyance at high-class parties. He really wants to be an adventurer but is too nervous to undergo the traditional Traladaran shearing and risk not being able to come home to his family if he screws up. He has led something of a sheltered life and is generally naive. Alavraen is a good NPC for campaigns with low level PC's - he might accidentally meet them and try to tag along with them, trying to live the "adventurer lifestyle" without actually facing much danger himself - he is generally honourable but will shirk from combat except in desperate situations. He has visited the restored city of Tuma in the Darokinian Cruth (see B8) and is fascinated by its culture and long history, and will talk about them incessantly to anyone who will listen. Alavraen is about 5'2" with dark blond hair, worn long, and a tiny wisp of a moustache.