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Using the Alchemy Skill to create potions (House Rule)

by Håvard

By the book, as presented in the RC p 82, the Alchemy Skill allows a character to identify potions and, if the DM allows it to create the Antidote Potion. In BECMI/RC, spellcasters need to be at least 9th level in order to create magical items, including potions.

House rule 1:
Spellcasters with the Alchemy Skill may create potions at 1st level. The process is the same as for creating magical items. The caster must know the spell with a similar effect as the potion he is trying to create.

House Rule 2:
The Alchemy skill also allows non-spellcasters to create magical potions if they have this General Skill. Non-Spellcasters need a special recipe in order to create that specific potion. This is equivalent to a spellcaster knowing the spell with an effect tied to the potion. The main difference is that Potion Recipes cannot be used to cast spells, just to create potions. Non-spellcasters may only create potions with a power equivalent to 3rd level spells or lower.

Would you consider using these rules? Do you think rule 2 is more problematic than rule 1?