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Aleah Virayana

by Jennifer Guerra

Second Wife of Prince Jherek Virayana IV of Krondahar

AC 1014

"I believe that one of the servants has neglected her duties today, husband. Shall I get the whip?"


Thanks to potions of longevity, Aleah Virayana still appears to be the same sultry, twenty year-old dominatrix she was when she first met Prince Jherek Virayana. She inherited her half-Alasiyan mother's looks-black hair worn long and straight or pulled severely back in a spiked silver clip, smoky grey eyes and dusky skin. She is of average built (5'7") but voluptuous. Aleah prefers clothing in the Glantrian style, although Prince Jherek can coax her into traditional Krondaharan robes for formal occasions, with low necklines and tight waists


Aleah was born in Glantri City in AC 970, the daughter of a minor noble Krondaharan silk-trader and his second Makistani (Ylari-Ethengar) wife. All through her younger years, Aleah was nothing but trouble, running with rougher and rougher crowds in the capital, stealing first from expensive shops and boutiques (the owners of which discreetly charged her stolen items to her wealthy father), and then apartments and houses of the nobility. She was finally arrested at seventeen, after breaking into the apartment of a Boldavian lord in order to gain proof of his vampirism, so that she could blackmail him-for the fun of it. (Aleah always does things "for the fun of it.")

Her father disowned her and disavowed her existence. Aleah, having always been wild but still with a good streak, now went completely bad. She quit thieving and began to make waves in the Glantri City social scene, using her looks and her body to claw and backstab her way to fortune. She had brief flings with many man (all of whom sorely regretted it afterwards), including Lord Urmahid Krinagar of Krondahar.

Aleah came to the attention of Prince Jherek Virayana IV in AC 989 when Lord Urmahid introduced them at one of his infamously wild parties. Smelling a way to put herself back on top and spite her father, she poured all her wicked ways into Jherek's seduction. (The Prince was interested in her sexually, but had no desire to be married to anyone other that his wife, Lan-Syn.) She maintained his interest with mind games, never letting him have her. Finally, Prince Jherek, his mind fevered with lust for Aleah and the desire to break this siren to his will, married her. Aleah was triumphant!

Little did she know what she had gotten herself into. Prince Jherek, an extremely conservative and traditional man, increasingly resented that a mere woman had been able to play him like a deck of cards. Slowly, methodically, and with great cruelty at time, Prince Jherek broke Aleah, crushing her spirit and taming her like a wild animal. Then, just as slowly, as if to savour the experience, Jherek built her back up, into the woman he now wanted as his second wife.

A year later, Aleah gave birth to Ralindi, Jherek's first born legitimate son. It infuriated her to the point of threatened rebellion against her husband that he did not name the child after himself (a family tradition that stretches back to Jherek Virayana I), instead preferring to wait for Lan-Syn to give birth. Aleah spent three days imprisoned in Jherek's fortress in the Demiplane of Nightmares for this offence. She never said another word against Jherek, his wives, or his decisions again.


Aleah thoroughly chaotic and evil. She is only impressed by sheer force, therefore she finally affords her husband respect borne of fear. To everyone else, Aleah plays her master role: the dangerous seductress. She has actually completely mastered this role since marrying Jherek, since the pressure to perform sexually at the end of the seduction has been utterly removed (Aleah wouldn't dare be unfaithful!). Aleah enjoys controlling the objects of her attention, and can be brutally cruel if they do not respond exactly as she wishes.

Web of Intrigue

Aleah treats Jherek's other wives, Lan-Syn and Waira, with basic politeness around Prince Jherek, and calculated apathy otherwise. Aleah treats Ralindi and Rejladan, Waira's son, with the cool respect owed to them as their father's progeny, though she has never shown any genuine interest in her son outside of Prince Jherek's presence. She is however jealous of her son's affection towards Waira, and often tries to win him over-only to reject him later when she has succeeded.

At the prospect of Ralindi becoming the Prince of Krondahar after Jherek, Aleah will surely make her move to gain political allies and support, though she has never dabbled in Glantrian politics so far.

Statistics & Skills

12th-level thief.

Str 11 Dex 16 Con 13 Int 12 Wis 15 Cha 11, AL C (D&D), CE (AD&D).

Languages: Ethengarian (Krondaharan dialect), Thyatian (Glantrian dialect).

Weapon Proficiencies: dagger, whip.

Skills: climbing, dancing, endurance, etiquette, reading/writing, rope use, tumbling.

Thief Skills: CW 80%; DN 25%; FRT 25%; HS 40%; MS 70%; OL 75%; PP 80%; RL 0%; backstab x4.

Aleah owns a ring of protection +5, given to her by Jherek, and a dagger +3, which she stole a long time ago. Most anything else she needs she can get from her husband.

"That is the most bewitching, unsettling, and unladylike woman I have ever met. It would be sheer pleasure to see her again."

(Dominick Haaskinz, upon meeting her for the first time)