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Madame Aleksandra's Astrological Predictions for Nuwmont AC 1014

by Mistress

Manticore: The middle of winter has brought many a daydream of easy times and pleasant circumstances; however, beware of building castles in the air. If you wish to make your dreams a reality, be prepared for hard work in the months to come. This month, you will reap great rewards for any endeavours done not for material gain but out of the spirit of generosity. This month of your birthday will be a time of new-found love, possibly with a Dragon. Avoid dealings with a Gorgon if at all possible this month. Auspicious Day: 3 Inauspicious Day: 10

Hydra: You will meet a foe who will at first seem larger than life and invulnerable. By recognising your fear and obeying logic and reason, you will be able to "size-down" and defeat the enemy. The Salamander Star in the House of the Hydra will bring a childhood acquaintance across your path. Auspicious Day: 4 Inauspicious Day: 25

Centaur: Only strict discipline will help guide you safely through hard times this month. The Warrior Star in the House of the Centaur warns against over-committing yourself. Auspicious Day: 13 Inauspicious Day: 11

Basilisk: Revel in the strong sense of independence and freedom that you will experience this month. The Hydra Star in the House of the Basilisk portends that you will experience indecision in an important problem. The answer to your indecision can only be found through hard work and prayer. Auspicious Day: 9 Inauspicious Day: 24

Chimera: Although you will receive something that you have always wanted this month, the Gorgon Star in the House of Chimera predicts that you will be forced to surrender something of great importance as well. Auspicious Day: 21 Inauspicious Day: 18

Gorgon: Beware of any form of cheating or trickery this month. The Manticore Star in the House of Gorgon begs that you develop a firm personal system of values. Auspicious Day: 27 Inauspicious Day: 16

Griffon: Your beliefs will be challenged this month, so be prepared to fight for your convictions. The Pegasus Star in the House of Griffon will bring the end of a struggle, but not necessarily the end that you prefer. Auspicious Day: 22 Inauspicious Day: 23

Dragon: Be sure to delegate authority this month to bring about a more successful and speedy conclusion. The Centaur Star in the House of Dragon urges great planning before action this month. Auspicious Day: 17 Inauspicious Day: 6

Salamander: Lost love will bring you disappointment and suffering. The Basilisk Star in the House of Salamander will bring great financial gain. Auspicious Day: 12 Inauspicious Day: 7

Pegasus: You will undergo a long journey this month. The Giant Star in the House of Pegasus portends anxiety that can be overcome only by handling things on a day-to-day basis. Auspicious Day: 1 Inauspicious Day: 8

Warrior: Nuwmont will be a month of joy and success. Not only will an important struggle reach a favourable end, but you will also undergo the beginning of a wonderful new love, thanks to the Chimera Star in the House of Warrior. Auspicious Day: 2 Inauspicious Day: 20

Giant: Keep in mind this month that extra protection will ensure success. The Griffon Star in the House of Giant urges you to harness any passionate feelings and creative spurts in order to make better decisions and initiate new projects. Auspicious Day: 5 Inauspicious Day: 26

Madame Aleksandra is an elderly Traladaran gypsy who has settled down to a more stable life of using her incredible psychic abilities to detail horoscopes, read palms, see into the future, and the like (all for a minimal price). This silver-haired yet noble woman resides in the town of Estarios, located on the Highreach River about 12 miles north of Krakatos. Estarios is the seat of the Marilenev Barony, ruled by Baroness Magda Marilenev-Elypsium and Dame Baroness Chanarra Elypsium-Marilenev.