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Alexandra the peddler

by Beau Yarbrough

Saturday's game involved rescuing a peddler who is somewhat vital to wizards in remote places like Nicodemus. (She also had the pearls needed to work the Identify spell on the magic ring the PCs found in their first adventure.)

Two of the bandits ended up getting away, and I had so much fun with them, playing really nasty, "Reservoir Dogs"-style brigands, that the PCs are likely to run into them when they're on the run themselves next month ...

In any case, here's Alexandra:

3. Alexandra the peddler

While most of Nicodemus' spell components can be found in the woods surrounding Midwood, for some items, he relies on the peddler Alexandra Minimus.

Neutral Good female human wizard 2

Alexandra Minimus is a minor wizard and travelling peddler dealing in spell components and curiosities, as well as serving as a messenger for wizards in central and western Karameikos, travelling between Luln and Krakatos about once a month. She's tiny, old (born 943) and leathery, with skin that's permanently nut brown from endless hours in the sun and beautiful snow-white hair which she wears long down her back beneath a scarf. She is known for her insight (Wisdom 14), sweet nature and appraising abilities.

She knows that she will never be a great wizard, but doesn't mind, content to serve the community of wizards instead, although she retains a curiosity about all things magical. She is friendly and direct, not interested in mothering anyone, or being worried over herself. She knows (or knows of) many of the wizards from Luln to Krakatos, and also knows a great deal about first level magic and their components. She smokes a very large pipe, and always smells of smoke.

Alexandra speaks Thyatian.

Rides a two-wheeled cart pulled by an old horse, carries a dagger and has her spell book (Cantrip*, Comprehend Languages, Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Spook*) in her cart along with her goods, 60 gp in various coinages

Hit Points: 5 Armour Class: 10

Non-weapon proficiencies: Read/write Thyatian, Animal Handling, Appraising, Spellcraft +1