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Important NPCs in Alfheim AC 1005

by Fabrizio Paoli

At 10.34 13/08/98 -0500, Aaron E Nowack wrote:

>What important NPCs were there in Alfheim AC 1005? Which would favour and
>which would oppose sending troops to aid Darokin against the Master?

I would say: all the Clanmasters, King Doriath, General Gilfronden and Captain Brightsword.

Gilfronden: he's a shadow elf spy and he knows that the shadow elves will strike "soon" (ie in a couple of years), so I guess he will favour sending troops to weaken the Alfheim army. Besides the shadow elves probably prefer to fight the surface elves, rather than the Master.

Doriath: he is friendly to Darokin and he relies on Gilfronden for military matters, so I would say he would favour sending troops.

Brightsword: Red Arrows are always concerned about the safety of Alfheim, so Brightsword would probably oppose sending troops and would prefer to fight the Master on their home ground if absolutely necessary.

The Clanmasters: here it depends. The reclusive clans (Feadiel and Mealidil IIRC) would probably say no, same goes for Red Arrows. Erendyl would side with Doriath. Grunalf and Longrunner I don't know. Chossum, it depends on the degree of SE spies there're among them IYC, but I would say they favour sending troops just for trading reasons.

IIRC in the Timeline of the Alfheim Invasion I wrote with Hervé I mentioned Cpt. Brightsword as being the leader of the Alfheim force that was sent to fight the Master.