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Alfheim Ravaged

by Joe Kelly

I realise everyone has different times for their campaign, but I just wanted to share how IMC Alfheim had fallen.

First of all, with the Alfheim Skull Legion things were not so easy to take things away from the Alfheimers.

So what happened was:

General Gilfronden thought an attack in the night on the city of Alfheim late at night would be the perfect plan. Things did not go well though as the shadow elves began taking over the city, information was leaked to the Emerald legion's general; Gen. Grave Digger.

Fortunately, the Skull Legion Cavalry did arrive in time to save the city, but being late at night, many of the elves were sound asleep. Many awoke to the sounds of charging horse as the Skull Legion Cavalry rode down and fought with the Shadow Elves.

After the city had been rescued, Gen Grave Digger, (who is also of berserker temperament) was commended for his actions, by his overlord, Lord Nightbay, but was removed from the Alfheim post. The reason was:

"Although we appreciate the quick actions by General Grave Digger and his men, his charge into the city of Alfheim has terrified the populace. Many are not aware of the Shadow Elf's intrusion, and we the council wish it to remain so, as we do not wish to cause panic. Therefore we courteously ask that he be replaced with someone less excitable." Needless to say, the general was sent to Ethengar, where his skills "could be best utilised." He was replace by General Dead Speak. Then all was quiet except for the intermittent raids of the Shadow Elves Shadow Elves make their move:

The Shadow elves after destroying the magic of Alfheim, upgraded their punitive raids. One such incident was a raid on an elven wedding party, where a group of PC's are attending.

Four Skull Warriors were hired as mercenaries as the elves were worried about security in a secluded grove where the ceremony was to take place.

The first arrow shot hit the elven elder conducting the ceremony in the middle of the forehead! This caused a major panic. Soon arrows filled the air and men, women, and children alike were cut down. Two of the skull warriors were cutdown next. And only through the actions of the attending PC's were they able to evacuate the survivors.

In no time, a nearby elven cavalry patrol hearing the screams raced to the scene and chased off the Shadow Elves.

King Doriath at this time was having a frustrating time with his council, as they were pressuring him to name an heir. Also during the same discussion, news reached the royal court of the wedding massacre. Doriath decides to put the entire Alfheim Skull Legion on alert, but the council (many who were not aware of the full past events) tell him that they can't be trusted as to how they rode through the streets last time causing panic and terror. Doriath says nothing as it was agreed by the clan council to say nothing of the intended coup. In frustration, Doriath decides court is adjourned and announces a great hunt! Of course he is again pestered about naming an heir. In response, he points to one of the human foresters of the council, and says "I name you heir, until my return" this shocks the council and outrage. Doriath doesn't mind though, as the hunt will be for but a day. Later he will think he acted hastily. but oh well, what is a single day to an elf?

Things go wrong!

On the hunt Doriath is killed with an arrow of Slaying. No one finds the murderers but all make the assumption that it was the work of the shadow elves. (No one realises of course that it was General Gilfronden who shot him.

The night previous, the Shadow Elves infiltrate the Emerald Legion and kill General Dead Speak. The next in line is the commanders, but there is 20 of them, and none can agree what is to be done.

Now that Doriath is dead, Gilfronden gives the Shadow Elves the order for a full scale invasion. This time, the Shadow Elves make a small but sizeable appearance at the caves of the Sump. The larger force emerges deep in the forests of Eastern Alfheim, away from the clan towns.

The human forester, know as Malcom Marksmen is seen by the council as an incompetent. Even though he is in charge, he is hard pressed with the forces at hand to stop the Shadow Elf invasion force. When he sends out scouts to contact the Emerald Legion to mobilise they don't get through. Their bodies are never recovered, only the ponies. Finally Malcom hires a group of PC's to get to the legion to warn of the invasion and tell them to mobilise.

When the party gets through to the legion they find it sitting doing nothing. Without a general, the legion is leaderless as the next in command are the Commanders, and there is 17 of them (out of a possible 20) So they bide their time until the Legion ambassador returns from the legion homelands where he informs the leaders of their legion that their general is dead.

A Black Dragon Arrives!

A black dragon arrives in the court of the legion castle. On it's back is a rider in Black and grey plate mail, with batlike wings adorning his helmet. He carries a lance which is painted black, he says nothing until he dismounts. When he does, he announces "I am General Iron Claw, your new commander!" The PC's who are at the legion are in awe as they watch this black clad skeletal face head towards them. "And who are you?" he challenges.

The PCs quickly inform him who they are and tell him of the dire situation of the Alfheim forest. As he enters the interior of the castle the ambassador gives him a note from the council. He reads it, then crushes it in his hand.

"It seems my first time at command will be a disgrace." Without further elaboration Iron Claw puts the legion into readiness for the campaign. He quickly meets the commanders to get an understanding of the situation. In the meantime, the PCs learn Feador has fallen, the refugees are fleeing to Pinitel. Iron Claw tells them to blow the bridge leading to Pinitel to slow down the invading Shadow Elves. The party does, but it is a very close race as the Shadow Elves appear just as the bridge collapses into the river.

When they return, Iron Claw sends the PCs back to Alfheim to tell Malcom Marksmen, the legion is on it's way.

As the party gets back, Gilfronden sneers at the party, saying that this is an over reaction calling in the legion for minor Shadow Elf incursions. The party in it's travel have also learned, that Gilfronden is a traitor. When they inform Marksmen, he orders the guards to seize him.

Gilfronden denies the accusations, but Marksmen challenges him to a truth spell. In return Gilfronden tries to attack Marksmen, but with PCs and guards is quickly overcome.

Marksmen, from high above the city of Alfheim tells the citizens that Feador has fallen and a traitor has been found. Marksmen shocks all when he reveals who it is. For his treachery, Gilfronden is hung on the spot. Marksmen then meets urgently with the council who now decide to see how things play out.

In the next few days, Pinitel falls as well, this time though, it is a long fought battle as the Legion holds the outnumbering shadow elves at bay until the populace can retreat.

After the council meets, the PCs present a letter to the council from Gen. Iron Claw that states: "If it is the destiny of the Shadow Elves to take the land of the Alfheimers, I have been given orders to leave them nothing of their victory but ash. As to your beloved forest, when it's magic waned and it grew sickly and dangerous, you forest was no more. This forest is now a mere mockery in a twisted manner of what it was. I assure you, that it will grow again, after this diseased replica is burnt to the ground." The legion escorts the various clans out of the forest, as other groups of legionnaires begin setting the forest aflame.

The shadow elves upon seeing this grow enraged, and any Skull Warrior is caught is tortured slowly before being put to death. For burning their claimed lands, the legion will pay!

And so the great forest of Alfheim was no more.....