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by Michael Monagle

12th level Elven Diviner
Str: 8*
Int: 18
Wis: 17*
Dex: 11
Con: 7*
Chr: 14
HP: 26
Align: NG
AC: 2
MV: 12
ML: 13
#AT: 1
Dmg: 1-4 + 3
* Reflects modifiers for old age in a high elf.
Languages: Elvish (Alfheim dialect), Thyatian, Dwarvish, Gnomish, Alphatian, the Order.
Proficiencies: Ancient History (Many), Heraldry, Local History (Alfheim), Riding (Horse), Riding (Pegasus), Sage Research, Singing, Spellcraft.
Spells Normally Carried: Affect Normal Fires, Comprehend Languages, (Detect Magic), Mending, Wizard Mark, (Read Magic), (Unseen Servant), Knock, Levitate, Locate Object, Strength, Dispel Magic, Fly, Lightning Bolt, Tongues, Extension I, Rary's Mnemonic Enhancer, Remove Curse *2, Extension II *2, Sending, Telekinesis, Anti-Magic Shell.
(Note: spells in parenthesis are gained from Rary's Mnemonic Enhancer).
Magical Equipment: Bag of Holding (1000 lbs), Boots of Elvenkind, Bracers of Defence (AC 3), Dagger +3 of Extinguishing, Gem of Seeing, Horn of Valhalla (Brass), Leaf (Book) **, Ring of the Order, Ring of Protection +1, Wand of Magic Missiles.
** from AC4 Book of Marvellous Magic; it is a miniature spellbook.


Algonem was born into the elven clan of Mealidil in AC 691. As a member of that clan, he picked up a love for knowledge. However, unlike most others of his clan, Algonem wished to travel outside of Alfheim's borders in search of more knowledge.

When he reached the proper age for adventuring, he set out in search of elven clans that had been "lost" to Alfheim. His search took him across much of the known world. He went as far west as the Savage Coast, as far east as Alphatia, and as far south as Davania. Algonem did indeed find many elven clans outside of Alfheim. He was further pleased to discover that they all had kept excellent records of their histories.

After two centuries of finding and copying the histories of the clans he had met, Algonem decided to return home and show his discoveries to the elders of his clan. While his clan was extremely excited about his tomes, they were not able to actually go through them as they might have wished for a threat was developing within Alfheim's borders that demanded more of their attention. This threat was the rising shadow elf attacks.

As it turned out, not too long after his arrival (in elven terms), Algonem saw his clan forced to flee Alfheim for their existence. To his horror, some of the works that had existed within his clan's collection had to be left behind in the final days. Algonem himself stayed behind after many had left, trying to recopy and move as many of the old tomes that he could. At the last moment, he gathered up as many books as he dared and teleported.

His destination was a pre-arranged place in Wendar, however, Algonem instead found himself in a very bizarre place. After talking with some residents of the area, he found that he had transported himself to a place called the Lighthouse in the Hollow World!

After a lot of thought, Algonem decided that Ilsundal himself must have intervened and had transported him to the Lighthouse. There he could supplement its resources with his own vast work and that of the records of his own clan.

Since then, Algonem has come to learn and adjust to the new limits on his spells. He has also been initiated into the Order of the Lighthouse and has worked tirelessly to expand and update its already vast pool of knowledge.

Appearance: At 5'2", Algonem is slightly above of the average height for elves. His weight of 111 lbs fills him out modestly though. His choice of clothes varies with his mood. He can choose from a wide selection of styles as he travelled widely and liked to blend in with the local crowds. (DM's can choose whatever they wish him to be wearing when he meets PC's.)


Algonem is a sage at heart. The idea of discovering new tidbit's of information gets him more excited than anything else. He is willing to share his knowledge with others, particularly elves, if he is convinced of their pure hearts and genuine desire for knowledge.

For the most part, Algonem is a good natured sage who is enthusiastic about finding answers. Realising that polite mannerisms will get him farther in libraries, Algonem is rarely described as anything but a good man by those who know him.

Using Algonem:

Algonem is an experienced sage with the awesome resources of the Lighthouse at his disposal. He is quite willing to trade information for long, lost tomes that a group of PC's may come across. If they have none, then he is quite likely to have heard some rumoured locations and send the party on a search/adventure.

In some circumstances, Algonem will wave any fee and work expediently for answers -- but this is only if he can be convinced of a party's dire need and good intentions!


Algonem is a scholarly wizard and not much into combat. This is evidenced by his spell selection. His greatest weapon is his intellect and he knows it. He will do his best to out think anyone who would make him an adversary. However, if he knows to expect trouble, he will change his spell selections appropriately.

In the event of hostilities, Algonem will first blow his magical horn and let his summoned help engage his attackers while he stands back and casts what spells he can.