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Almanac AC1020

by Michael Berry

NUWMONT 3: How to keep the Cow in the barn after the door was left open?
LOCATION: Council Chambers, Parliament Building City of Glantri. Principalities of Glantri OW
DESCRIPTION: After a month of investigations the Council convenes in one the most important Council sessions in Glantrian history to discuss The Battle of Grey Sorcery. Prince Harald takes the floor and announces the findings of the investigation he himself led. He thanks Prinz Jaggar for his cooperation in the investigation. He explains what the Oards were and goes into detail on how the Oards infiltrated the Free Anachronic Society of Aalban; a semi-legal, underground faction headquartered in Leenz that had a pathological fear of any technological invention. Victoria Von Drachenfels was it's leader and for some time now they had impersonated her and used her identity to locate and use ancient Blackmoorian technological devices and other technological inventions they might find through the Society. Victoria's whereabouts are unknown and at this time she is assumed to be dead. Use of those devices might explain their immunity to much of their magics and the power of their weapons.

Prince Harald waves off a few shouted questions from a couple of Princes, and asks to be allowed to continue:

He tells them that he is aware that what everyone wants to know, is what exactly happened at Alexander Platz? What were they after? He tells them that he is unaware at this point of what exactly they were after. He suspects it might have been the fabled Radiance that is rumoured to be under the City. He tells them that rumours of the Radiance were not only known to them, to remember that the Alphatians believed the Glantrians used foul magic and had heard rumours of the Radiance. He believes that through scouts the Oards might have sent that they became aware of the rumours and tried to tap into it. Obviously they were not successful. Which leads to the next question that he believes everyone must have on their minds.. just what happened to them and what was that skeletal hand that foiled their attempt. He answers that he simply has no idea at this point in the investigation.

At this point Prince Ralindi asks to be recognised and be allowed to speak and Harald gives the floor to the youngest of the Princes.

He speaks eloquently to them and speaks of hearing these rumours of such a power and asks if any of his fellow Princes has not. None of them speak up. He says that he trust Prince Harald the esteemed Grand Master of the Great School of Magic to be able to find answers to these questions but he wonders out loud that what might now be most important is what the Council should tell the public. This was a very public incident and some sort of statement must be made. Prince Angus and Carlotina both immediately agree and say that if such a power is found to exist that it's use should be only for the use of the loyal wizards of Glantri and if it's existence is confirmed it should be a closely guarded secret. All the Princes agree to that. Prince Urmahid suggests a recess for a week after which the Council shall meet and decide on a course of action regarding public explanation of the events at Alexander Platz. All the Princes agree and the meeting is adjourned. (see Nuwmont 10)

WHAT THIS MEANS: Prince Harald is of course being coy with the rest of the Princes. Some of which he knows or suspects are Radiance users. Of course he knows of the existence of the Radiance, and putting clues together gleaned over years investigating the Radiance together with the information Jaggar helped him find explained why the Oards were targeting the 'Radiance'. At the last meeting of the Brotherhood the topic was of course the battle and how to keep their knowledge of it and it's powers secret and how to do as much as possible to keep the actual existence of the Radiance as secret. An idea has come to Harald during the meeting and he will spending the next week mulling it over before presenting it to the Council. First a meeting between some friends.. old and new

WHAT THE PC'S CAN DO: There is very little the PCs can do at this point unless they happen to be a Prince of Glantri or a Member of the Brotherhood of the Radiance.