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by Pasi Anias

DM wrote:

>>The Immortal Patron of Witches, The Creator of the Eggy's and the Protector of Lunair, Immortal Alma has haft some problems too... When she has lately used the 'new' Nucleus, she has been stained by the entropic energies coming from the Nucleus. According to Her studies, Her whole Immortal matrix has been changed by the use of rad, making Her partly an immortal of entropy. Seems to Her, that if she uses the Nucleus enough, she may change wholly into a entropic immortal...

Who the heck is this Alma? Does she figure in GKoM? Can u give me some info?

As I said this was all IMC.

And Alma, well she is a character of a player of mine. Became one in our longest campaign ewer, when we played these characters from level 2 to immortalhood. I have often enough told you about those adventures I think...

But anyway here are some stats and a story:

Name: Alma

Sphere: Energy (rad), stained with some entropy : Chaotic (maybe CN in add, I'm not sure)

Rank: Temporal Level: 7

PP 500, STR 11, INT 25, WIS 20, DEX 9, Con 14, Cha 24

Powers: Enhanced reflexes, leech, Poison Sting (finger nails) and Groan

Manifestation form:

human female, age 65, 170cm, slim, bended old woman in black robe and hat + old walking stick.

In life, Alma was a human male named Extremus and born in New Averoigne Glantri.

His father, a low level mage sent him to the Great school where he studied, and initiated in the witchcraft.

After basic studies Extremus started a career as an adventurer (for money, his father wasn't so rich to educate him too long) with a bunch of other peoples. Adventuring mostly on the Glantri - Darokin - Karameikos (but also everywhere else in time and place, it was a long campaign) they raised in levels and became mighty.

Extremus even became a member in the brotherhood of radiance, and a true master in deed. as well as a 4th circle Witch.

At a higher level Extremus founded the barony of Lunair just west from (now) Morlay-Malinbois.

Then even later he founded the barony of Kern and the Principality of Sablestone.

And finally he became an immortal just shortly before the WotI. At that time Rad made her give away Sablestone (Guess who got it as there weren't any suitable family :) but getting back Lunair (thanks to the order of radiance :)

In the WotI Alma didn't actually take any side. The only major event she did take was to help some Belcadiz elves to Great Plague. It was meant to be used against Alphatia, but the orc invasion disturbed the plan, destroying the lab, and making the Plague go loose in Glantri etc.

Also Alma (although she mostly still used and uses the form of Extremus) was present when Rad was sucked in my the Nucleus (it was one of his old bunch handling the machine :)

After the war and the disappearance of Rad Alma/Extremus has made Lunair into a Principality, and also gaining the 'Viceroyalty' of Sablestone. Though she/he still doesn't hold much power.

His major allies are Prince Drachenfels (whom he taught radiance some years ago) and the witch Princess de Belcadiz. Her Major allies are the immortals Omeos and Peleon who also are players.

So there. As you can see Alma/Extremus has taken some part of Synn in my campaigns Glantri as I don't like Synn. but anyway the info was for your fun.

Use it if you like, or need a immortal of witches (she still hasn't got many followers).