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Almarrón (Estado de)

Location: Savage Coast, southeastern reaches, along the Gulf of Hule.
Area: 6,450 sq. mi.
Population: 7,000, including 4,200 in the capital Ciudad Tejillas).
Languages: Espan (dialect of Thyatian Common).
Coinage: centa (cp), dies (sp), oro (gp).
Taxes: 15% income tax.
Government Type: Independent barony part of the Treaty of Tampico and the Signatory Council.
Industries: Mining (silver), coffee, tobacco, furniture, clothing, jewellery.
Important Figures: Baron Maximilio de Almarrón y Escudor (human, male, F?), Don Esteban "El Salvador" (exiled dictator) (human, male, F?).
Flora and Fauna: Standard for its climate. Dangerous monsters include gnoll raiders from El Grande Carrascal. Normal animals with Legacies can also be very dangerous.

Description: by Rikard Prospero

The western half of Almarrón's territory is a rocky, inhospitable hill country. If it wasn't for the presence of the large silver mines at Sierra del Plata, the land would be almost useless.

A large, fertile plain occupies the heart of the nation. This is where the majority of the population lives, in three main villages (Costella, Paso Dorado, and Ciudad Tejillas) and several scattered homesteads.

Forested slopes and cliffs guard Almarrón's shores, protecting the nation from pirates and sea raiders.

The people of Almarrón have gone through so many forms of government that they no longer care about politics and would rather be left alone and leave running the nation to the Baron. So far, the current Baron seems to have won their respect and has slowly begun to enlighten his nation into a cultural centre. Also, the continuous wars and revolts have left most families relatively poor. Luckily, Baron Maximilio provides priests and cinnabryl for those who cannot afford it.