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Just a bit of random why-not fluff that emerged after looking at the Alphatian calendar and noting that the first month is 'Alphamir' and the seventh 'Cyprimir'. Enjoy!

Old Alphatia - the 'Twelve Cultures'

by Rodger Burns

Alphatians - The elite of the old Empire, and still extant today as the 'pureblood' racial type; masters of all types of wizardry.
Sulacians - A proud, arrogant people, whom records indicate were forever concerned with matters of petty precedence and one-upmanship. Such short-sightedness made them an easy first conquest for the Alphatian empire.
Sudiric - Artisans, builders and teachers, these peaceful folk were quickly dominated by the Alphatians once they chose to expand their empire. Sudiric traditions and techniques were widely adopted by Alphatian crafts-wizards and architects.
Verteni - A people thought to be closely in tune with the natural world, its needs and promise. Their teachings were mostly abandoned in the years after the Alphatian conquest, in favour of more efficient arcane spells.
Tslani - An insular, clannish, self-reliant people. Though quickly absorbed into the Alphatian empire, their culture contributed a great deal to later Alphatian philosophy, metaphysics and traditions of mysticism.
Andrulians - A fiery, warlike people, who taught the Alphatians much in the ways of battle until the students outstripped their teachers. Records suggest that the Andrulian nations rose in rebellion quite frequently following the Alphatian conquest, until finally subjugated with Cypric assistance.
Cypric - The widespread common race of the Alphatians' homeworld, reasonably capable at any field of endeavour - especially the assimilation of conquerors.
Hastani - Seagoing explorers and traders, the Hastani avoided early domination by the Alphatians through a combination of tributes and wanderlust. They are still remembered for their stubbornness, wit and vigour.
Eimarians - Masters of an isolated continent on the far side of the planet of Old Alphatia. The Eimarians ruled their own empire for centuries, unaware of the rest of the world, but proved to be no match for Alphatian wizardly might.
Buryati - A near-barbaric culture dwelling in the inhospitable arctic lands of Old Alphatia. The Empire did not so much conquer them so much as proclaim them subjects and leave them to their lot.
Nyxari - Death-worshippers, and not really a true 'people', instead being made up of outcasts and rejects from all other cultures. Sometimes valued for their unique insights, sometimes scorned for their values, they nonetheless survived up until the fall of Old Alphatia.
Amphirians - Negators, deniers, destroyers of magic. Feared, despised and persecuted throughout the Alphatian Empire's history. The last are thought to have perished long before the rule of Alphaks.