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Adventures in Alphatia

by Alex Benson

Generic Adventures- These are simple plots. They are designed to fit any situation on Mainland Alphatia. The exact course of action and details are up to the DM as he fleshes out the details. Part 2 will entail more descriptive adventures cantered in specific areas of the Empire.

Mage Rivalries

A high level mage hires PCs to infiltrate a rival to gain some magic item or new spell. A simple plot that can evolve out to greater ranges. The employer can double cross the PCs upon returning with the item. The mage they are sent to take on, ends up swaying their opinion and loyalty. And so on.....

Aid a non-Spellcaster

A friend of the PC party is a non-spellcaster. Recently his father/brother/mother/etc died leaving him as heir. Unfortunately, a relative who is a spellcaster takes advantage of the situation to assert his own spellcasting ability to inherit the estate. The relative uses the feeling of the ruling spellcasters against the rightful heir. Or the relative could set the friend up to gain the estate that way. The relative could even be the cause of the death.

Disgruntled non-Spellcaster-

Not all Alphatians can cast spells. As such, there are those that are fit as warriors and see the Imperial magocracy as unjust. They could act as an avenging force against mages that "impose their will" upon the common folk. Surely the PC will find allies among simular disgruntled Alphatians. In fact, he will have to. Alone he would surely perish rather quickly.

The Fetch-

Simular to the "Rival Mages" scenario. However, in this case the PCs are hired (possibly kept on retainer) to acquire items, components, monsters, monster parts, etc. for a particular mage. The employment can be one time or a long term arrangement. In working with the mage and bringing him fame, the PCs will also gain notoriety and prestige. With this added prestige, comes many options. Rivals may wish to eliminate the mages provider of stuff. The sponsor mage may become jealous of the growth of prestige the PCs are getting. And so on.......

Recently reinstated-

A PC has just been discharged from the Imperial Armed Forces (honourable or dishonourably, up to DM and is subject to circumstances). Coming back to Alphatia, he sees the Empire in a different light. However, instead of acting as a rogue, he acts within the lawful boundaries. Years of loyal service to the Empire makes it hard for him to act against Alphatia proper. How he chooses to express his attitude is up to the Player.

Recently Reinstated 2-

A PC comes home from having served the Imperial Navy for years. During his tenure, he became initiated in the art of spellcasting and became a boltman aboard a Man o War. His family and friends are not spellcasters. Interesting to see and play out the clash of cultures. The Role-Playing aspect alone is appealing.

Setting Out-

A PC wishes to see the rest of Empire as well as the world. However, to leave the boundaries of Mainland Alphatia he must travel across a goodly portion. Along the way, opportunities arise to adventure. Not only will this provide XP but also money to afford passage once a port city is reached.

Newly Apprenticed-

A young mage begins the epic of adventure to gain XP. Still bound by his master, he performs tasks not only to gain XP, but also to earn his keep. Just how much aid the master gives the apprentice is up to the DM. IMC mages usually apprentice for 3-5 levels. All mages have to start at 1st lvl. Even the mighty "Terari" was once an apprentice. Albeit, his being of Imperial blood helped.