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Spell for the Followers of Alphaks

by Paul Benfield

Level 6 (Priest)
(Evocation / Invocation)
Sphere Summoning
Range 120 yards
Components V, S, M
Duration Instant
Casting Time 8
Area of Effect Special
Saving Throw Special
An example of Alphaks love of destruction and death this spell is a vicious way of attacking the core of Alphatia - Wizards and their magic. This spell will effect a single spell or magical item whatever it's size and power. If the constructor or casters level is greater than the priest's then a saving throw vs. spells applies using the constructor/caster's level when they placed the target spell or enchantment. If successful this spell unbinds the components of the magic in a violent explosion of raw magic. The surrounding area and anyone in the blast take 2d8 plus 1d8 damage per level of the target spell. This will cover an area of radius 5 feet per level of the target spell. The material component for this spell is the target enchantment or magical item which is destroyed if the spell triggers successfully. With magical items the level used is that of the most powerful spell-like effect of the item. Eg A symbol spell if affected would cause a blast of 35 feet radius causing 9d8 damage to all within that area.