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Alpha (Kingdom of)

by Hervé Musseau

Location: Norwold, continent of Brun, northeastern reaches.

Capital: Alpha (population 30,000).

Area: 10,000 sq. mi.

Population: 90,000 (including 2,000 halflings).

Language: Alphatian, Heldannic.

Coinage: Alphatian Standard.

Taxes: Ericall imposes an income tax of 20% on everyone, a sales tax of 5%, and an import tax of 2% (since Alpha became member of the NACE this tax only concerns goods coming from outside the Confederation, but has been raised from 1% to 2%; this tax does not concern goods from Karameikos due to a trade agreement between that nation and the Confederation). Barons that still recognise Ericall as their king must give him 20% of the taxes they levy in their dominion, but they can have a different tax system. Only 5% goes to the Imperial treasury (this rate may be changed at any time by the Council if Alpha is no more military threatened by the Knights).

Government type: Semiautonomous monarchy owing loyalty to the New Alphatian Confederate Empire since Flaurmont 22, AC 1013. Few territories outside Alpha remain loyal to King Ericall.

Industries, Description, Notable Sites, History, Flora and Fauna: See the PWAs.

Important Figures: Ericall (King of Alpha), Ney (General).

Updates for the years 1013 and 1014 AC: King Ericall has had difficulties since the disappearance of Alphatia: Most of his vassals have betrayed him by declaring their lands independent, and the Heldannic Knights have conquered the rest… The few places that are not wilderness areas are either independent (Leeha and many petty baronies that once held fealty to Ericall), Heldann-controlled (Landfall, Oceansend, other small baronies), or, more rarely, still under Ericall's rule (Alpha and surrounding territory, and a few baronies). Most of the independent areas are rather uncooperative, though some have forged alliances with Ericall.
Ericall has joined the NACE primarily to get extra troops in the defence of his city of Alpha against further Heldannic incursions, and got them. Unfortunately, the loyal General Ney has told him that, despite the Imperial war effort, he could not stand against a full scale attack from the mighty Heldannic Knights should they decide to invade. Vanya does not seem to have instructed them to do so for the moment, however.

See Also: DotE, CM1, M1, M2, PWAs (esp. PWA3 for latest information), nace, nace1314.