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by Aleksei Andrievski

(The Roaring Fiend, Destroyer of Old Alphatia, the Last Emperor)
Intermediate Power of the Abyss, CE/Empyreal of Entropy, C
PORTFOLIO: Destroying Alphatia, destruction, violence, rage
ALIASES: al-Fakish (Ylaruam), Athaksha (Sind), Veleketer (Hule)
DOMAIN: Abyss/170/Doomgaard
SPONSOR: Thanatos
FOES: Alphatia, Ka, Koryis, Razud, Orcus, Demogorgon, al-Kalim, Djaea, Kagyar, Set
SYMBOL: A skull with horns against a background of fire shaped like a phoenix
Alphaks was the last Emperor of Old Alphatia in the time before its destruction. In a debate between the Followers of Air and Fire, Alphaks took the side of the flame wizards, and thus caused a major civil war that devastated Old Alphatia. He was banished and in a couple of centuries attained Immortality.

The Church
CLERGY: Priests, avengers
WEAPONS: Standard, plus dagger, whip, scourge
MAJOR SPHERES: All, Chaos, Combat, Elemental Fire, Healing (reverse only), Necromantic (reverse only), Summoning, War
GRANTED POWERS: Control undead, backstab as thief of equal level, Cause Light Wounds once per day
DOGMA: Alphatia Must Be Destroyed. These words pretty much sum up Alphaks' dogma. However, he is not averse to destroying other things in the process, and is known in several cultures as a destructive, violent demon. Although Alphaks scored a minor victory when Alphatia sank in 1009 AC, it is nonetheless soured by the fact that he had little to do with it, and that Alphatia was restored in the Hollow World.
DAY-TO-DAY ACTIVITIES: Priests and avengers of Alphaks secretly act towards the ultimate goal of Alphatia's destruction. They do this by various minor (or not-so-minor) acts of sabotage and corruption against the Alphatian people. However, Alphaks lacks the skill of careful, long-term planning, and so his followers cannot expect any grand plans from him. In other countries, followers of Alphaks engage in random acts of unthinking destruction.
IMPORTANT CEREMONIES/HOLY DAYS: 28th of Kaldmont is notable as the Day of Dread and the day when Alphatia sank beneath the sea. It is also considered to mark the destruction of Old Alphatia. Followers of Alphaks strive to make their acts particularly destructive on this day, in order to properly honour their patron.
MAJOR CENTRES OF WORSHIP: Alphaks is secretly follower by some discontented Alphatians and especially rabid Thyatians. Alphaks' major temple is located on a fog-shrouded isle of Alphaks' Volcano, off the western coast of Alphatia. It is maintained by the Black King (CE hm M20) and the Black Queen (CE hf P20). Its fate after the sinking of Alphatia is unknown; it is quite possible that the island survives, and its rulers will continue to work mischief in the remnants of the Alphatian Empire. Alphaks is also known in other countries. He managed to sneak a group of his followers into Glantri; most of them are nosferatu and are led by Prince Morphail of Boldavia. Their goal is to destroy the Alphatian-descended people of the magocracy. The Ylari know Alphaks as al-Fakish, lord of evil and violence, who demanded human sacrifices to his idols. With the coming of al-Kalim, his worship has dwindled, although he has helped the Ylari to defeat their Alphatian overlords; he still hopes to gain Ylaruam for himself, and his followers still kidnap people for use as sacrifices. In Sind, Alphaks is known as Athaksha, demon of violence and rage, and patron of rakshasas. And in Hule he is Veleketer, patron of the Chaos Legions and the Holy Berserkers.
AFFILIATED ORDERS: The Children of Veleketer is an elite military force in the service of the Master of Hule. It consists solely of avengers of Alphaks (Veleketer), whose skill at unparalleled destruction is such that the Master does not even use them unless he wishes to leave no trace of his target (not even ruins or remains). Alphaks has no other affiliated organisations since his worship is illegal everywhere else.
PRIESTLY VESTMENTS: When it is safe to do so, priests of Alphaks wear black robes decorated with horned skull and flame motifs. In their rituals they carry a black leather whip or a scourge, which is often soaked in oil and ignited. Avengers don black armour with a horned skull etched on the breast.
ADVENTURING GARB: In most places, adventuring priests of Alphaks do not usually advertise their religion in any way. In Hule, they display a horned skull symbol on their breast.

Special Spells
Flamewhip (Conjuration, Elemental Fire)
Level: 4
Sphere: Elemental Fire
Range: 0
Components: V, S, M
Duration: 5r+1r/lev
Casting Time: 7
Area of Effect: 1 whip
Saving Throw: None
This spell requires a whip or a scourge as its material component. When it is cast, the whip bursts into flames. It can be used as a weapon or to ignite flammable materials. The priest must make an attack roll with a +2 bonus; the whip does 2d8 points of damage with a successful strike and is considered a +2 magical weapon. The whip can strike a creature up to 30' away, extending and retracting as needed; anyone between the priest and his target can easily sidestep the whip, though. Priests and avengers of Alphaks are immune to the damage and any protection against fire applies for other targets. The flamewhip can be given to other followers of Alphaks, who will be unharmed by holding it if the priest desires. The whip is consumed when the spell ends.