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The Floating Continent of Alphatia

by Robin

The Hollow worls Sun is a pinhole to the Plane of fire, yet still only a pinhole placed exactly in the middle of the sperical space.
The Wrath of The Immortal writer placed Alphatia in the Hollow World as one of the Highest Floating Continents
They curved the land a bit yet maintained thus most of its original size
Original Size is BIGG Roughly said 30 24 miles hexes =1400 milies wide and 78 24 mile hexes loong =1872 miles long
edging this some what down lets say 1380 miles by 1850 miles.
Then comes the geometry. To measure the shadow size of an object we most easily draft a line along its perimeter to the point of light

The center of the Hollow World is at 1895 miles, and alphatia was placed at 1000 miles, using Pythagoras in the sphere with a lot of calculation, would make a shadow of rougly three times the size of Alphatia (4400x6000 miles)covering 1-16th of the whole surface. as having a yearly trajectory, of 336 day would leave each area 21 days in the shadow!!(see picture RED lines) This would make a winter like effect where plants die of, recede, and have to restart. yet sentient creatures living 21 days in the dark would become depressed. A weird effect not belonging to the indiginous people.
The Immortal (and author) responsible for this would need a kick in the but, for if he would have placed Alphatia in or somewhat above the breathable atmosphere (24 miles) it would have produced a much better and smaller(roughly only 110-120% size of shadow) but for all faster shadow effect, with less side effects to the populace
All in all My opinion as the Hollow World being a reservation to extinct creatures, plants and cultures might be interesting yet also contradictive.
Maybe the Floating Continents are harbouring the salvation to the hollow World, when the Spell of Preservation falters (something that inevitably will happen, yet how and when, if it is regulated or a sudden disaster is still unknown). Yet that is beyond the scope of this topic.