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Dragons in Alphatia

by Pol GinÚs

I am DMing my campaign in just sunken Alphatia (not by WotI, but because of another evil Inmortals plot).

The sinking took a few hours, with earthquakes followed by a tsunami. So flying creatures such as pegasi, wizards, pegataurs, etc... could fly to emerged lands, provided they were not very far.

So did dragons. Now I have to figure out HOW MANY dragons could arrive to the Kerothar mountains (now island).

It is like calculating total number of dragons in Alphatian mainland, with only about 30% flying to other islands or Floating Ar or even Bellissaria and Isla of Dawn, and the rest flying to Kerothar mountains. How many are these?

Also, those dragons will be hungry, so even "neutral" dragons can simply take control of full surviving cities, taking advantage of the weaker situation of Alphatian survivors, with the only exception of Dwarves.

I should decide a number of dragons of each colour and alignment... all looking for food (and perhaps treasures) in the Kerothar territories. I can imagine squads of 20 or 30 dragons (neutral or evil) decided to loot some wrecked cities...

OK, I read your comments, and sat and thought and counted hexes.

I'm interested in the dragons coming to the Kerothar mountains after the sinking. Randel dragons and other in that side of the Alphatian island probably went to minor islands, Ar, the Yannivey or Bellissaria.

I established that a dragon needs 4 or 5 24miles hexes to have a living. I supposed this was applicable to all Shiye Lawr and all western half of Blackheart and western frontier of Imperial Territories.

I supposed in Haven there are dragons only in the few forests and perhaps there are lots in the marshes, but those will stay in "Aasla Island", near they sunken lairs: most will be black dragons, and according to CM9 "Legacy of Blood", these dragons are more or less amphybious, so they try to recover their treasures by swimming expeditions.

I also thought about Havards comment on "domestic" dragons, maily in Haven. All of them would be good or neutral small dragons. So, finally this is what I found:


- 9 sapphire and 3 blue dragons (and perhaps their riders-owners) take control of the 3 turquoise mines in south-eastern hills of Kerothar Island
- 10 crystal dragons (and perhaps their riders-owners) take the surviving Havenese town of Harmony under their protection; it is near to a glaciar; they used to come here as sport and holydays.
- 3 golden dragons present themselves (perhaps with their riders) to Fort Tempera as aids.
- 3 golden dragons (perhaps with their riders) go to the strong and surviving town of Warzazath (the Havanese door to Kerothar mountains)...
- 5 ruby dragons go to the area they most love: hills in Havenese remains, to Fort Manifesto, the most northern point of the remains of Haven.
- 3 neutral jade dragons desert from human ties and stablish themselves in the small woods north of Fort Tempera.
- 4 neutral onyx dragons claim the southeastern coast of Sepia Crests as their own and proclaim that the sunken ruins of near Simmetria town are theirs. They can dive and they want all those treasures.


52 small dragons: 25 green, 15 jade (neutral) 6 black, 6 onyx (neutral)
26 medium dragons: 10 green, 6 jade, 3 black, 3 onyx, 2 red, 1 ambar-brown
13 huge dragons: 5 green, 3 jade, 1 black, 1 onyx, 1 red, 1 ambar-brown, 1 golden.

Total wild Chaotic dragons: 31 small, 16 medium-sized, 8 huge

Wild dragons by colors and affinities: 10 black, 10 onyx, 5 red and brown, 40 green... a few others.

GOALS: they have lost their lairs AND their treasure; they are ANGRY and HUNGRY; they felt humiliated many years by those powerful human wizards, but now this has finished. They want food, and territory and treasure and lairs. They are in a hurry and ready to work as a team, in great groups.

They will attack the northern dwarf settlements and take all the northern valley and the surrounding mountains.

After that, they will discover the 40 neutral and good small dragons in the southern hills, and the human towns there: Warzazath, Harmonia, Irisia Village, the turquoise mines. There are too many dragons in the island and too few food, so they will go south to kill all good dragons and loot the human cities (yes, there are some wizards there, but not many nor dangerous).

As a third step, they will raid the remains of Limn-Trollhattan, may be forcing them to become a tributary kingdom.

They know that Dwarves are many and well armed in their fortresses and underground cities, so they will not attack them: only to surface village and sheeps and cattle: food is needed. Also, as Dwarves do not fly, they do not feel endangered by them.

They will then be very dispersed and those in the north will raid Frisland herds and villages, no longer working together in great groups.


Karath Dur is a Dwarven town in the most northern valley of Stoutfellow kingdom. The evil dragons have to conquer and destroy it to claim all the valley and nearby mountains and the north of the kingdom. So they join:

- A huge green dragon and 2 small green dragons (native from the Kerothar areas; they hate Dwarvesand know the area
- 10 small green and 2 medium green: newcomers, from ShiyeLawr and Blackheart
- 1 Medium White and 3 small white: a native clan from the nearby northern glaciar
- 3 red dragons: newcomers from Haven hills or Blackheart mountains
- 1 huge black, 4 smal blacks: from Blackheart deep pounds and marshes and dark rivers

(I wonder if my high-level party can stop these coming all together).

[I also have designed an horde of Athachs and ettins and ogres coming from Blackheart, hungry and looking for food and fight; they killed their former wizard masters and took some interesting protective magic objects from them... but this would be in another encounter).