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History of Alphatia

The following historical synopsis is given in the traditional Alphatian Calendar of AY (Alphatian Year) counted from the Alphatian Landfall on Mystara. The earlier dates are only approximations to the roundest number.

To find the equivalent Thyatian Year, simply subtract 1000 years, with a negative number indicating BC and a positive number giving a year in AC. Therefore, the current year, AC 1014, is the year AY 2014 in the Alphatian calendar. Also because the Alphatian year and the Thyatian year do not use the same month as start of their respective years, the difference is in fact 1000 years minus two months.

(The interesting thing about this research, however, is the fact that we have learned that the Alphatians seem to have come from another world. If they are indeed "space invaders," does that not mean there could not be others? Have we not therefore answered our own question as to whether or not there is life off of Mystara asked in Joshuan's Almanac? I always find it amusing to note that the answers to present and future questions can often be found by researching the past. B.F.)

AY -3000: On the homeworld of the Alphatians, the Alphatians defeat the Cypris civilisation and begin to be assimilated by it.

AY -2500: The Alphatian/Cypris civilisation uses its magical knowledge to begin colonisation and conquest of the nearby planets and exploration of the elemental planes.

AY -2000: Alphatian aggression has gradually been supplanted by Cypric self-absorption; other planetary conquests and colonies are left to fend for themselves as Alphatian study of magic turns inward.

AY -500: The Alphatian civilisation has achieved total mastery of its environment; the great universities are at the peak of their powers and are just beginning to indulge in serious scholastic competitions and squabbles.

AY -90: The Followers of Flame begin their serious rivalry with the Followers of Air.

AY -27: Sporadic violence breaks out between the Followers of Flame and the Followers of Air.

AY -10: A temporary peace results from one academian's proposal of the Flame vs. Air essay debate.

AY -9: Emperor Alphaks I arbitrarily declares the Flames to have won the debate. Outrage, protest, rebellion and revolt result. The Followers of Flame war with the Followers of Air.

AY 0: The war between the Followers of Flame and the Followers of Air reaches it zenith. Emperor Alphaks I is banished. The homeworld of the Alphatians is destroyed. The Followers of Air settle on what was formerly the Alphatian Continent on the world of Mystara. They begin to conquer and assimilate the various primitive tribes in the area.

AY 20: The Alphatians establish a peaceful contact with the Thothians and adopt their calendar for Mystara as their own after changing the name of the months.

AY 250: Disgruntled non-mage Alphatians colonise the island known as Ochalea where they intend to build a place where non- mages will not be looked down upon.

AY 300: The Alphatians displace various other conquered cultures which do not adapt well to their society to Ochalea, including a culture that enjoys honour and slanted-roof architecture. This culture begins to dominate over all the others in Ochalea.

AY 808: The Alphatians decide to bring Thyatis into the Empire.

AY 810: The Alphatians finally finish subduing the Thyatian barbarians.

AY 998: Governor Lucinius Trenzantenbium of Kerendas assassinates Alphatian wizards and declares himself King of Thyatis. The first Great War between Thyatis and Alphatia begins.

AY 1000: The First Thyatian/Alphatian War is at a standstill. The economies of both nations are wrecked. King Lucinius and Emperor Alphas VI conclude a peace treaty in the neutral city of Edairo on the Isle of Dawn. Also liberated are the nations of Ochalea and the Pearl Islands, which then join into the new Empire of Thyatis.

AY 1012: The Thyatians violate the Treaty of Edairo and build a trading station called Cape Alpha in the lands of Norwold.

AY 1015: Cape Alpha is destroyed by reavers from the Northern Reaches (speculated to have been paid by the Alphatians).

AY 1500: Alphatian and Thyatian colonies in Alasiyan coastal areas begin to clash. This starts the famous Three Hundred Year War (actually skirmishes, but called a war by historians to make it sound more grand and important).

AY 1728: Alphatian colonies get the upper hand and destroy several Thyatian colonies entirely.

AY 1786: An Alphatian lord named Halzunthram arrives in Flaemish lands and defeats the Flaems, effectively assuming control of the area.

AY 1788: Halzunthram takes control of the region's ruling council and declares the area a protectorate of Alphatia. The natives unite and rebel against Halzunthram.

AY 1828: Forces of Suleiman al-Kalim drive the Alphatians out of Alasiya.

AY 1830: Lord Alexander Glantri captures Halzunthram, confirms the region's independence, and disperses Alphatian presence there. Braejr is renamed Glantri City in his honour.

AY 1959: Angered by another Thyatian broken treaty, the Alphatian Emperor commits his military to a sudden assault on Thyatis. Alphatia completely conquers the Isle of Dawn.

AY 1960: The Alphatian assault reaches Thyatis City and Emperor Gabrionus V is killed. The Gladiator Thincol the Brave rescues the dead Emperor's daughter, drives the Alphatians out, and becomes the new Emperor of Thyatis.

AY 1962: Princess Eriadna becomes the next Empress of Alphatia as her father, Emperor Tylion IV, retires.

AY 1985: Empress Eriadna decides to colonise in the west and has a new fortress city built atop the ruins of the station at Cape Alpha destroyed nine and a half centuries before.

AY 1992: Empress Eriadna accedes to her son Ericall's demands for a kingdom of his own. She gives him the city of Alpha in Norwold, the empty title of king of that nation, and a great degree of autonomy.

AY 2005: Alphatia declares war on Glantri. Thyatis and the Heldannic Territories ally with Glantri.

AY 2009: Alphatian armies reach Thyatis city and Emperor Thincol sues for peace. Days latter, the first week without magic destroys Sundsvall and kills Empress Eriadna. The Alphatians press their attack on Glantri, and moments later the Alphatian Continent sinks beneath the waves, destroyed by the wrath of the Immortals.

AY 2010: The Alphatian continent appears in the Hollow World. From there, they begin to drive the Heldannic Knights out of the Hollow World. The Heldannic Knights invade the territories of Norwold. Thyatis invades the Isle of Dawn and the Alatian Islands. A mad Emperor Zandor tries to reunite the nations of Alphatia to form a new Empire, but none of the Kings or Queens accept his rulership. Zandor begins conquering the rebellious/traitorous nations.

AY 2012: Thyatis is pressed back by Thothia on the Isle of Dawn and forced to relinquish its conquests back to Alphatia. The Alphatian Kings and Queens dispose of Zandor with the help of Prince Haldemar of Haaken, who informs them that Alphatia has survived in the Hollow World. The Kings and Queens form a new council, calling themselves the New Alphatian Empire. Commander Broderick is named Commander in Chief.

AY 2013: The New Alphatian Empire reconquers the troublesome Esterhold Peninsula Kingdoms. Thothia and most of the other liberate kingdoms that were occupied by Thyatis wilfully join the New Alphatian Empire.

AY 2014: The New Alphatian Empire becomes known as the New Alphatian Confederate Empire (NACE) and reveals the existence of the Empire of Alphatia still intact in the Hollow World, as well that Empress Eriadna is still alive.