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Alphatia Populations: DotE

by James Ruhland

Here's a rundown of Alphatia's populations, from DotE (or, where data was missing in that product, from the PWAs):

Alphatia (Continent), by Kingdom:

Ambur: 200,000
Aquas: 70,000
Arogansa: 150,000
Bettellyn*: 350,000
Blackheart: 50,000
Eadrin*: 100,000
Floating Ar: 150,000
Foresthome*: 100,000
Greenspur: 600,000
Frisland*: 100,000
Haven: 1,200,000
Limn: 250,000
Randel*: 150,000
Stonewall: 1,600,000
Stoutfellow: 60,000
Theranderol: 200,000
Vertiloch: 2,000,000

Total Mainland: 7,330,000

*Figures for Bettellyn, Eadrin, Foresthome, Frisland, and Randel are not available in DotE. They are available in the PWAs. For kingdoms not suffering "exceptional" losses (which are Vertiloch and Haven), the general population decline (attrition & non-revival) seems to average 10% across the board. Thus the PWA figures for the "missing" kingdoms are multiplied by ....90 to get the pre-Wrath population.

Colonial Populations:

Aegos**: 5,000 or 20,000
Aeria: 15,000
Gaity**: 5,000 or 15,000
Ne'er-do-well**: 20,000 or 25,000
Dawnrim**: 25,000
Horken**: 30,000
Lagrius**: 150,000
Meriander**: 100,000
Notrion**: 50,000
Surshield**: 100,000
Blackrock**: 60,000
Verdan**: 150,000
Port Marlin**: 10,000
Rock Harbour**: 5,000
Anchorage**: 5,000
Dunadale**: 80,000
East Portage**: 10,000
Ekto**: 50,000
Thothia**: 60,000
Trikelios**: 70,000
Alpha: 90,000
Landfall: 10,000

Total Colonial: 1,130,000

Total Alphatian Empire: 8,460,000

**Note that for many of these figures, the PWAs imply higher pops than given in DotE. Alatians: the first numbers given are what appear in DotE AND in the first PWA. The second population figures are what appear in PWA II. It might then be taken, for example, that the Aegos population is only Aegopoli, with the other 15,000 persons elsewhere. The Gaity population may have grown because of Thyatian colonisation, or may (like Aegos) represent two different totals: the population of Rainbow Park vs the population of the entire region. For the Isle of Dawn, the DotE figures for all places seem to have been re-defined by the time of the PWAs to mean only those who lived in the cities, with the total population given in PWA II. Some of these (Ekto, Dunadale) seem to have been affected by war (PWA I), since all numbers are usually round figures. So I rounded up to the nearest ten thousand. No complete totals for Esterhold appeared in DotE - just city populations - so the figures from PWA III were used. It is "doubtful at best" that Esterhold's population would have increased significantly between AC 1000 and AC 1013. Norwold's populations (under Alphatian control) seem to be consistent, however, so the DotE ones were used (PWA pops tend to be identical). Bellissaria: no complete population figures provided in DotE, so PWA figures used. Likewise, doesn't seem like the population grew significantly between AC 1000 and AC 1013. None the less, wherever I faced a choice I used the higher figure when coming to the total.

At 8,460,000 the population of the Alphatian Empire is 146% higher than the figure given in the trail map. That figure only applies to "metropolitan" population (the "mainland"), however. But still, the figure for the Alphatian mainland, at 7,330,000, is 126% higher than the figure given in the trail map. Note that the colonial total itself is almost equal to Darokin's population.

HW FCA Note: Though the 1st PWA gives a total population of Alphatia as 5,331,000, the actual sum of each Kingdom's population comes to 5,046,000. To this PWA II adds Zandoria (later Jafilia), but seems to assume that some (but not all) of Zandoria/Jafilia's population results in a migration from other Kingdoms (pops of some Kingdoms are adjusted downward) - this results in a total population of 5,071,000; but then PWA III gives a total population of 5,096,000 - which is precisely the population one would get if they added the PWA II population of Jafilia/Zandoria to the population that appears in the 1st PWA (though, again, some migration seems to have occurred.) Thus, there wasn't a further sudden population decline from the 1st PWA to PWA II - the totals were just added wrong in the 1st PWA, and the way the figures finally sort themselves out one can surmise that there is some population recovery underway by PWA III.

In any case, the population of 5,096,000 represents a decline of 2,234,000, or 30.5%, over the pre-war figure. Of that, about a third of the loss seems to be on account of the Immortals not finding everyone, while two thirds are war-related (mainly Aasla/Haven and Sundsvall/Vertiloch).