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These are the rulers of Alphatia since Landfall, *as used in my campaign*. I have tried where possible (I do not have all the literature) to include highlights of the Emperors'/Empresses' rule, mostly from the timeline in DotE.

Alphatian Rulers since Landfall

by Jennifer Guerra


AY 0 (Landfall) Kerothar I. Kerothar was the leader of the Followers of Air on the old Alphatian homeworld. His peers asked him to rule their new home, but checked his power with the creation of the Grand Council.

65 Kerothar II. Son of Kerothar I. Birth name Ecbashur. Bellissaria settled.

199 Alphas I. Nephew of the childless Kerothar II.

271 Alphas II. Son of Alphas I. Birth name Zinean. Ochalea settled by non-wizards.

446 Alphas III. Son of Alphas II. Birth name Undaar. The Alatians are settled by Alphatians with no spellcasting ability.

538 Hadria. Daughter of Alphas III. Thyatian pirates raid the southern coast of the continent regularly. Thothia brought into the Empire after the destruction of Nithia and begin settling the Isle of Dawn.

701 Kerothar III. Son of Hadria. Birth name Raman. Pearl Islands conquered.

802 Alphas IV. Son of Kerothar III. Birth name Quanil. Esterhold settled.

810 Alphas V. Brother of Alphas IV / second son of Kerothar III. Birth name Zalosarr. Finished bringing Thyatis into the Empire.

898 Kerothar IV. Son of Alphas V. Birth name Smirinn. Emperor at the Millennium. Weakened the Empire's grip on Thyatis and other dominions until they revolted. Deposed by the Grand Council.


1000 Alphas VI. Birth name Volnay. Powerful Council wizard picked by rest of Council to replace Kerothar IV. Forced by heavy losses to let Thyatis go. Embark on rebuilding plan by conquering in the east. Hired Ostland reavers to destroy Thyatian Cape Alpha in 1015.

1030 Alphas VII. Son of Alphas VI. Birth name Daricon.

1104 Tredorian I. Son of Alphas VII.

1143 Darynal I. Brother of Tredorian I/second son of Alphas VII. Deposed by the Council after only two years of rule.

1145 Tylion I. Brother of Tredorian I and Darynal I / third son of Alphas VII. Begins colonising northern Alasiya.

1277 Volospin I . Son of Tylion I.

1330 Volospin II. Son of Volospin I. Birth name Xerdon.

1428 Volospin III. Son of Volospin II. Birth name Zumrulim.

1506 Tylari I. Daughter of Volospin III. The colonial Alasiyan wars between the Empire and Thyatis begin during Tylari's reign. Qeodhar brought into the Empire.

1585 Tylion II. Son of Tylari I. Birth name Lanathar.

1692 Tylari II. Sister of Tylion II / daughter of Tylari I. Birth name Solinara. Tylion II died in 1690, leaving his minor son as heir, and his sister Tylari as regent. With the help of treacherous Grand Council members, she crowned herself Empress two years later. She was deposed by Tylion III when he came of age 11 years later.

1703 Tylion III. Son of Tylion II. Birth name Astriadan. Began a beautification project in the Alatian Islands according to the teachings of Mylertendal. Two of his projects failed (Artesia and Aegos), but two (Gaity and Aeria) were great successes. During Tylion's reign, Halzunthram took over Flaemish Braejr.

1790 Endricort. Son of Tylari II. Chosen as Emperor over the daughter of Tylion III, who was mad. Lost Alasiya to the forces of Suleiman al-Kalim. Near the end of Endricort's reign, Halzunthram was captured by the forces of Alexander Glantri, thus losing Braejr as well. Endricort was deposed by the Grand Council.

1829 Darynal II. Brother of Endricort / second son of Tylari II. Chosen by Council to succeed his brother. Soon abdicated to his daughter in order to have time for magical pursuits.

1836 Tylari III. Daughter of Darynal II. Birth name Linisyll. Disappeared on her quest for Immortality.

1919 Tylion IV. Son of Tylari III. Birth name Talasar. Began colonising in Norwold. Launched Spike Assault on Thyatis in 1959-1960 which ended in the death of the ruler of Thyatis and his family. War subsequently turned in Thyatis' favour, and territory was lost. Council asked daughter Eriadna to convince Tylion to abdicate.

1962 Eriadna "the Wise." Daughter of Tylion IV. Engaged Alphatia in a successful war with Glantri and Thyatis which was lost only through Immortal treachery; the city of Sundsvall was destroyed and the continent of Alphatia sank beneath the waves (AY 2009). A new Alphatia was fashioned in the Hollow World as a floating continent, with Eriadna as Empress.

Hollow World Alphatia

1962-2009 (KW) and 2010-present (HW) Eriadna "the Wise" (see above)

New Alphatian Empire

2009 Zandor "the Mad." Son of Eriadna. Reunited most of the remaining former Alphatian dominions on the surface world with Seashield, Aquas, as capital but was completely mad. Deposed by a council of dominion rulers and taken to his mother in the Hollow World by Prince Haldemar of Haaken.

2012 New Alphatian Council. Rules "in Eriadna's name."