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Alphatian Wizard: The Kit

by Jay Herrington

I just came up with this new kit for an Alphatian Wizard. I'm interested in any feedback you guys may have. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am also in the process of creating an Alphatian Commando kit. I'll get that one out in a few days.

Alphatian Wizard

Requirements: Alphatian Wizards must always be of Alphatian decent. They may be of either sex, and must have an Intelligence score of at least 9. Speciality wizards are almost always from elemental school of air, although any school is possible. Fire wizards are not trusted.

Description: Alphatian wizards feel they are superior to all non-spell casters, but being able to cast any spell is enough to be considered nobility in their empire. Alphatian Wizards will eventually have access to just about every common spell at some point in their career. Alphatians are experts at magical engineering, and most have very unusual if not unique magic items. The only reason Alphatian Wizards adventure is to accumulate money to build a laboratory and create magic spells and items. They also like to conquer other people.

Weapon Proficiencies: As for the wizard class.

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Bonus: monster lore, spellcraft, reading/writing

Required: none

Suggested: magical engineering

Armour and Equipment: As for wizard class

Special Benefits: Alphatian Wizards are natural born spell casters. Because of their ancestry Alphatian Mages can automatically learn one additional spell per level that the wizard can cast. Alphatian specialists are rare because of the war that destroyed their old world, but their are a few schools around the continent. Alphatian specialists still only get the one extra spell per level, and it must be in their school. So the mage class is the most popular. Alphatian Wizards also get bonus spells for high intelligence just like clerics do for high wisdom.

Special Limitations: Alphatians tend to be very arrogant towards non-spell users. So with these classes Alphatian Wizards take a -2 penalty to reaction rolls. However, this can be overcome by experienced adventurers. For every six levels gained there is a +1 bonus to this reaction roll. At level 12 there is a normal reaction roll, and the bonuses stop there.