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Alternate clans of the Atruaghin

by Mike Harvey

That is what I've been thinking too. My current campaign has not gotten into the Atruaghin region yet so I haven't finalized this, but my general idea is:

Atop the Plateau: Cimmerian-style barbarians, but with "native american" style languages. Mixed Oltec/Neathar stock, black hair and blue eyes. Regular steel technology, use of chainmail etc, dwelling in small hill-fort style villages, occasional castles. The clans are constantly warring with each other and with everyone all around. Little trade with the outside.
Cliff Dwellers: Oltec stock. The build cliffside strongholds out of stone, and have developed hang-gliders made of wood and animal skin, on which they can ride the air currents. Building and flying a glider is a test of manhood. Possibly some gnomes here(?) Not an extremely warlike folk, but caught between the barbarians above and the picts below, they survive in their impregnable forts. These people have no fear of heights, and probably raise mountain sheep for meat.
Inside the Plateau: At least one nation of dwarves, with monsters in deeper caverns. Most exits are on the sides of the plateau, as the top layers of rock are hard stone with few openings. The dwarves are semi-legendary to the barbarians atop the plateau, makers of magical weapons.
Southeastern Forests: Mostly pictish-style barbarians, with a few Azcan-type city-states where human sacrifice is practiced. The "azcan" control the pictish hordes through their wizard-priests and use them to kidnap victims from Darokin and from the plateau. Snake worshippers. Fierce enemies of the plateau dwellers. Possible connections with shadow elves. There are also "pictish" tribes living on the near verges of the Malpheggi with a slight cajun flavor.
Southwestern Forests: Undecided, may keep the fisherfolk or put scattered elf clans here. If so, need a good reason why picts haven't spread over here.

That may be packing too many different things into a small area, I don't know. But I'm not thrilled with the canonical treatment of this region.