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An Alternate View on Loki/Bozdogan

by Aaron Nowack

This came about because I never could understand the differences between the prankster Loki and the evil mastermind Bozdogan. It just doesn't make sense to me how they could be the same. So this is my way to explain it away without simply saying they're different.

When the Carnifex were corrupted by the promises of the Outer Beings, and challenged the Immortals for control, warfare raged across the planes between them. Many entropic Immortals joined the Carnifex's side, foremost among them the Immortal Bozdogan, then head of the sphere. However, Thanatos saw an opportunity for power and led many entropics to betray Bozdogan and fight against the Carnifex. After the Carnifex defeat, Bozdogan was left without worshipers and faded away.

Many years later, Loki, still questing for Immortality in the Sphere of Energy, happened upon Bozdogan's home plane. There, he was possessed by the still powerful spirit of Bozdogan. Bozdogan then sought Immortality in the Sphere of Entropy, and even convinced his arch-enemy Thanatos to sponsor "Loki".

After the completion of his quest, "Loki" at first was only a minor Immortal of the Northern Reaches. However, he soon found in Hule a nation for him to lead. He chose a young man, Hosadus, to be his disciple. Hosadus soon became ruler of Hule, and converted the population to follow Bozdogan. After this, Thanatos became worried at the prospect of his former master returning, and arranged to have Hosadus killed and began to turn Hule to his worship. However, Bozdogan took Hosadus' spirit and turned him into a powerful creature of Entropy. When the time was right, Bozdogan returned Hosadus to Hule, where he once again gained control. Bozdogan, in his "Loki" persona, convinced Thanatos that he was merely using Bozdogan's name, and that Bozdogan had been destroyed after Hosadus' "death". However, Thanatos still has some suspicions...