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Future Timeline from Estlor's Campaign

by Estlor

Sure, my net book (which has been both praised and criticised) had a timeline, but some reading I've done (Dark Knight of Karameikos) has shattered some events I laid out. So, here is my partial (but long) list of some events from 1015 to 1017 AC:

1015 AC (Incomplete): King Telemon of the Shadow Elven Territories, Aengmor, and the Canolbarth forest dies of a heart attack in his sleep. Sadiya is crowned queen of all the Shadow Elf lands.

Semi-hostile elves begin to appear in the Dymrak forest. They threaten the settlers of the region, but no casualties have occurred as of now.

Corwyn Mauntea, Chancellor of Darokin, suffers a massive stroke. Though he is rushed to local priests for healing, the loss of blood and oxygen to his brain has left irreversible damage to his mind and motor skills.

In an attempt to keep the country moving and lessen debate by the wealthy merchant families, his estranged niece. Isabella De'Angelo, is named acting Chancellor until the time of census to determine which family is the richest.

Grygory, a loyal follower of Baron Yuschiev, is knighted.

Étienne d'Ambreville makes his grand reappearance...and is promptly given his principality back by Isidore. He looks to "rally the troops" of Glantri to discover all they can about Dolores/Synn's plans for Glantri and the rest of the Known World.

Humanoids, toting crossbows and using advanced tactics, begin systematically attacking cities in the country of Darokin. They claim to be under the banner of a Glantrian, on Connor MacGregor of the House Klantyre. Casualties are steep, but the soldiers manage to dig in and keep the cities alive.

A band of heroes depart for the Great School of Magic in Glantri. They have been granted permission by Harald of Haaskinz to search the records of students for the name of Connor MacGregor. His hope is that when they fail to find the existence of such a person, they will give up all hope of attack the House Klantyre.

An assassination attempt on the life of King Stefan is thwarted by a delegation of Vyalian elves coming to Mirros to discuss the situation in the Dymrak forest. Though the would-be assassin remains unknown, Thyatians automatically suspect the Traladarans, furthering the bad relations in the land.

King Reston is declared king of Ierendi for life. They queen competition will continue as normal, and the king competition will likewise go on, except the title of "best man" goes to the winner until Reston passes away.

The ship, the Pioneer, return to port in Mirros after a trip around Mystara. The ship, however, holds only three men, the first mate, the mid-shipman, and a strange halfling.

The two men tell of a voyage which began well, but got off to tragedy quickly. The ship discovered a strange floating island in a location where none was supposed to have been. Closer inspection showed it to bear strange ruins like those found in Ylaruam. They, once under a comprehend languages, told the tale of the Nithian peoples, and had strange markings about worship and entropy. Shortly after the discovery, they were attacked and lost half the crew to unknown monsters.

They continued to say while circling Davania, they were assaulted by hostile dragons of unknown types, some with yellow scales, some with scales of shadows, and some mere skeletons. They were the only two to survive the attack, and the ship would have surely sank if not for the aid of the halfling traveller's race.

They said he claimed to belong to people similar to the hin, but much more humorous. They claimed they had lived in eastern Skothar for centuries, and came from a different dimension. The name they used for themselves was "Krynnish."

A strange new Immortal, calling herself Tiamat, Empress of all Dragons, begins an attempt to influence the dragons. The Great One calls for the Immortal of entropy who sponsored her to come forth, but no one states they have even seen or heard from her before.

The World Games take place in Shireton. Five Shires. The game is a booming success, with the return of swimming venues, the addition of rapids-running events, canoe races, and Hardball (and Alphatian favourite).

All the world is present, except for the Dwarves of Rockhome who prepare for war with the Shadow Elves and the Shadow Elves themselves. New additions to the games are the New Alphatian Empire, which barely keeps from bombing the Glantrian athletes' dorms, the Pearl Islands which have good showings in the new water races, and Ochalea, who take time out of their busy Druid/Cleric lives to enjoy the competition.

Thyatis pushes heavily for the next games, but they once more lose out, this time to Minrothad's Minrothad City.

Estlor of the Estate of Achelos receives a mysterious dream from Mealidan telling him to, "Look towards Ylaruam." He believes Mealidan is telling him to claim Ylaruam as their new homeland, in retribution for the murder of a few refugees that accidentally entered Ylari soil.

Estlor begins to band the Alfheim, Shadow, and Shiye elves in Karameikos into a loose army and attempts to train them to strike sometime next year.

The Day of Dread occurs once more. Étienne finally links this event to the Radiance, and begins to wonder if his loss of Immortality was what recharged the artifact.

1016 AC: An army of elves take an occupy the western part of Ylaruam. The Sultan Mohammed al-Kalim calls for eradication of these abominations and return to the wizardless country they know of.

Oliver Jowett dies of old age. The Church of Karameikos is torn between the factions of Madget and Alfric Oderbry, and tensions mount toward religious war.

The clerics of al-Kalim strangely side with Estlor and request all fighting cease on both sides. The Sultan refuses, having received a premonition from al-Kalim's old follower and the one who he dictated the Nahmeh to. The premonition stated that the clerics have turned from the true Way and should be vanquished.

1017 AC: Ylari troops are beaten back by the elvish army.

Finally, with the aid of dreams planted by Ilsundal and al-Kalim, Estlor and the Sultan realise what was meant to happen. The two sides ally with the Dwarves of Rockhome to attack the Shadow elves and reclaim Alfheim. In return, the elves will teach al-Kalim's clerics their technique of magical rain so as to help the desert garden along.

Now I warn you right off that most of this may be objective (predictions and follow-ups on old timelines), but some are from my campaign only.

A quick explanation of the "Krynnish" hin (before someone jumps on me for integrating Dragonlance). They are not straight "kender", rather, they are somewhere between kender and the Minean tribesmen from Toowin's Travels. I haven't specified them quite yet, but that's one thing.

Next: The dragons. I like to have a slightly broader dragon choice in my world, so I stuck these in. The "dracolich" dragons are like Calor from WotI, not the Dracolich presented in Forgotten Realms (or Monster Manual). I tried moving them as far away from Brun as possible, so that they hardly effect the continuity.

Oh, and about that "island" with the Nithian stuff: This is my interjection on the mysterious floating island from the timeline in Joshuan's Almanac. I'm bringing up long-buried Nithian info to tie in something dealing with stronger undead in my version, but that can be easily dropped.

And finally, I've taken the liberty to work some FNN info into a timeline date. I don't claim ownership of those parts (they should be obvious), but I think they only help to add to the general mounting of tensions throughout Mystara.

Oh, and Estlor can easily be replaced by any other elven hero you want...I just felt like using my PC since he was familiar to me.

There, I've said more than I needed to. And I think I've addressed all criticism (oh, and you can change, drop, or ignore anything posted on those timelines). I apologise for the length