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Central Altan Tepes Mini Gazetteer

by Simone Neri

At the end I've managed to finish the English translation (and PDF version) of my "Central Altan Tepes mini-gaz", which I wrote a couple of years ago as the setting of an Italian adventure written by a friend of mine (it's also possible that said adventure will see an English translation soon or later).

You can download the MGaz1: The Central Altan Tepes here.

I hope you'll enjoy reading it.
I also hope you'll have many criticisms, suggestions, and ideas to improve and perfect it.

Ok, I've done another two versions of the MGAZ1, both with blue-gray background cover: the first has titles in black, the second in white. Here they are:

MGAZ1 with blue-gray cover, black titles
MGAZ1 with blue-gray cover, white titles