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Alternate WotI Meteor Options

by Robin

Wrath of the Immortals suggested that it was possible to divert the Meteor that slammed in the Silver Sierras in 1005 AC.
Everybody knows the version displayed by TSR in the module in the Silver Sierras

Here are these options
Darokin intended by the Master of Hule
This will at first destroy the city, devaste te region. But it will cut ofvf and redirect most water supplies to the Malpheggi swamp. And the Darokinians will take this to their benefit. They (like the Dutch) will dry out the land and turn it into the most fertile area they have. In effect this will radically alter Darokin, but in a better sense.

Lake Amsorak....Diverted westwards by adventurers...
The meteor slams on Itheldown Castle, fully obliterating it. The tidal wave and flood caused by the impact will destroy and alter the region in a much firther region. One side of the plateau of Atruaghin collapses, Several Darokin cities are gone, and the loss isd in this version actually the greatest. However, the Rivers brings a lot a devris, changing the region for a long time, but widening the river south through the Malpheggi Swamp. Changing the region ofver decades.

Broken Lands......Diverted Eastwards by Adventurers
This will further collaps the area, the lower caves will be disintegrated. and the area will suffer a great upheaval around. Water must be rediverted (and the Streel River is cut short. The River out of D\rokin will first decades create a lake, until the water is high enough to bypass he Broken Lands on the west side of the crater. Several villages will be fully inundated or destroyed. Corunglain is covered in the uplifted crater edge and may provide new caves to the Humanoids.
The Troll Immortal steps in rapudly and a new Troll Queen settles. Becoming athe strongest Troll nation mystara has ever seen.

Or the Edge of the Adri Varma Plateau....Diverted Down...thus landing earlier
This will collapse the edge, and break open the Volcanic veins spread out in a multitude in this region. The Averoigne province of Glantri will be gone. And the crater will become one of the largest volcanic areas on Mystara, but with reduced outward effects. The crater will probably be inhabited later by Efreeti and fire elementals.. And be very dangerous to Mystarans (toxic fumes, magma etc.)

Or diverting Up by adventurers missing Mystara completely (by a hair..probably passing through the atmosphere ...slowing down and becoming a third but retrogade moon )