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Alternate Product Covers

by Robin

Ok, I did dug deep into some boxes still stored unchecked into my cellar after my homeless years, and after an hour battling undead furbies, giant dustmites, tumbling animated boxes and yellow oozing mouse infestation remains....I did discover several retail folders I had of TSR.
Especially the folders of 1992 (spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter) were interesting, and I could make another changed cover compilation on this matter, revealing another 9 changed covers.
The artis do not seem to be the same as the final art, yet I could be mistaken, as they also could be a prelimenary example (which was used for advertising) yet the main art was finalized later.

Like with the above compilation, the later ones are with the red PDF marking(printscreen+Paint copy) the older version are photographed with a lend digital camera then with paint cut/paste into the compilation.