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Alternate Primes

by Bruce Pierpont

Perhaps the concept of alternate primes mould work better. Not alternate Prime Materials, alternate primes. So the layout of the planes would look something like:

Inner Planes Prime Material Outer Planes
Blackmoor's Inner Planes, possibly shared the Blackmoor prime Blackmoor's outer planes possibly shared again
Mystara's Inner Planes, possibly the same as the other world's inner planes. Mystara/Nightmare as described in Set 5 No crystal sphere's exist here Mystara's Outer Planes Including the planes of the various Immortals
The AD&D "Big Three's" Inner planes, possibly shared with other primes The "Big Three": Toril, Oerth, Krynn in their crystal spheres. The standard Planescape, MotP Outer Planes
Athas' Inner Planes Possibly shared with "Big three" Athas Athas' Outer planes Possibly the same as the "Big three's"
Any other set of Inner Planes, possibly shared Some other world (Alphatia, Averoigne) Possibly another set of Outer Planes
the Ethereal the Astral

Possibly there is more than one Ethereal or Astral, but from what I hear of Planescape it suggest one ethereal and one astral connecting the "Prime Material" to the "Outer Planes" and "Inner Planes", which may be composed of different areas depending on which set you visit. So Odin only exists once as a God, and maybe once as an Immortal because his Outer plane is connected to all primes that worship him. I could write more if I gave it more thought, but I'd like to check for contradictions from published sources first.