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by Mischa E Gelman

History: Born 198 years ago, Alvundal is still a young aquatic elf. He has spent almost all his life sheltered in the Bluecombes as a student but has recently taken to wandering further and further from home in his studies of history. He has even considered journeying to the surface world to continue his studies, potential actions that make his fellow aquatic elves very nervous.
Personality: Alvundal is a scholar. He wishes to learn as much as he can about the past, for knowledge's sake more than for practical usage. He can be a bit rash in pursuing this knowledge but will never risk the lives of his family, his friends or anyone else in that pursuit. He often cannot perceive real threats due to his life-in-the-books upbringing and so may place others (and himself) at risk without ever knowing it.
Appearance: Alvundal is 4'11" and of the light build one often finds among the scrawny elf-folk. He looks like your typical aquatic elf in all manners and wears nothing of great value.
Combat Notes: He is a 4th-level aquatic elf. AC 3 (Shellpiece armour); hp 19; at 1; d 1-6 (trident); save E4; ML 10; S 11, I 13, W 11, D 11, Co 14, Ch13. Languages: Elvish, Common. General Skills: Ancient History (I+1), Find Traps (D), Mapping (I), Codes of Law and Justice (W), Concealment in Reefs (30%). Spells- 2 1st, 2 2nd daily. Knows Read Magic, Magic Missile, Hold Portal, Web and Wizard Lock.