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Alymer's Gases

by Ross Gould

Dear Reader:

Here are my notes and a transcription from one of two speeches given by Alymer, a master Alchemist of the Corporation of Alchemists. They were presented in Glantri City during Arcanium, the annual wizard's fair, in the month of Thaumont, 1002 AC. The first on Moldain the 25th and the second on Soladain the 28th.

Gases and Potions

It is the month of Thaumont, Moldain the 25th. The city of Glantri is astir for it is the first night of Arcanium. Wizards abound buying and selling magic spells, supplies and trinkets. Deals are made behind Wizard Locked doors to keep out the "Mayflies" - wizard riffraff. One such meeting this evening is being held at the Corporation of Alchemists' House. Why are dozens of the top guild members anxiously waiting in one room? Alymer is coming. This notorious alchemist hasn't set foot in the Guild for thirteen years, though he's paid his dues. The previous Guildmaster despised him, yet the brethren hold him in high esteem for knowledge is power. It has been said that Alymer is as brilliant as the Ever Glowing Light of Knowledge. Fame and fortune await those who can emulate his concoctions. The main door opens. A thin man in black robes enters. He is tall, yet stooped over from countless hours of experimentation. As he takes the podium, the audience gasps. The blue star tattoo of this man is blazing! It is indeed Alymer.

"I come to you tonight to share my knowledge ... for a price. While you have diddled and fiddled here, I have been out in the real worlds. I have collected components you have never dreamed of to produce gases, potions and powders you have never heard of. In my presentation, I will describe these products. For each product, I have a scroll with complete instructions which will be sold to the highest bidder at the end of Arcanium. And now ... let us begin with gases and potions:"

Gas of Eye Irritation
Area of Effect: 5' radius
Saving Throw: Poison
Duration: 2-5 turns
Cure: None
Sale Value: 1000gp/flask

A highly volatile liquid, it must be kept in a sealed flask. When opened or broken it evaporates, forming a yellowish brown haze. Those creatures in range who fail their saving throw versus poison will have their eyes become red, watery and itchy. Those afflicted fight at -3 to hit in melee and missile fire combat, and have trouble seeing anything clearly. Infravision and ultravision will not function.

The chief ingredient comes from the condensed fumes of burning black stones commonly found in the Principality of Blackhill. I enjoy placing flasks of this with my caches. Believe me, adventurous thieves will think twice about opening and sampling potions after experiencing this gas.

Hallucinatory Gas
Area of Effect: 10' radius
Saving Throw: Poison -2sv
Duration: 2-5 rounds, except as noted
Cure: None
Sale Value: 1500gp/flask

This potent gas is compressed and tightly sealed in a small bottle. Upon opening or smashing, the gas rapidly expands causing those who breath it in and fail their saving throw to act confused similar to the spell of that name. Confused creatures react as follows:
01-10 wander away
11-50 stand confused and drooling, some (5% chance at the DM's discretion) will have bizarre visions of an important future event
51-60 act and react in an opposite manner
61-80 attack nearest creature
81-96 remove armour, clothes, and/or any other personal belongings from their body and start singing.
96-00 collapse unconscious for 8-12 hours Those who make their saving throw are left gasping and can take no action for two rounds.

The main component is an exotic mushroom only found growing in the Wendarian Range. This product slows up those snoopy bands of fighters and thieves who dare enter my domicile.

Potion of Disillusionment
Area of Effect: Line of sight - 120'
Saving Throw: None
Duration: Sip = 5 rds., dose = 2 turns
Cure: None
Sale Value: 2000gp/flask

The imbiber is able to identify all illusion/phantasm spells of 1st, 2nd and 3rd level as being illusions. However, there is a 10% chance of a false reading. A false reading indicates to the imbiber that there is no illusion when in fact there really is one. Illusion/Phantasm spells of 4th level or higher cannot be discerned with this potion.

The chief ingredient of this preparation is a portion of svirfneblin brain. It's a very useful potion for those who travel deep down to the lowest levels of caves and dungeons.

Monster Bug Repellent
Area of Effect: User
Saving Throw: None
Duration: 8 hours
Cure: None
Sale Value: 2000gp/flask with 5 applications

This oil spread carefully on a person will repel all neutrally-aligned monster insects. Hostile monster insects and those neutrals attacked by the user fight at -2 to hit. Normal insects, hostile or otherwise, cannot approach within one foot of the user due to the magically-enhanced musky smell of this oil. This repellent does not wash away in water.

The critical component of this concoction comes from a special pool of black tar located in the Blackhill. If any of you have had to travel through a swamp or have been accosted by an irate druid, then you know this repellent is invaluable.

Potion of Wakefulness
Area of Effect: User
Saving Throw: None
Duration: 36 hours
Cure: None
Sale Value: 750gp/bottle

The quaffer of this potion will be able to remain awake and alert for a day and a half with no adverse effects. Food and water will need to be consumed every 4-6 hours as usual. No more than two doses in a row can be used safely. Drinking a second potion right after the first 36 hours expires will be effective for only 30 hours, and will cause a temporary loss of 1 point of dexterity due to slight, uncontrollable trembling. Trembling will last for 30 hours. Drinking a third potion in a row will have a 24 hour duration and -2 dexterity penalty and a -1 penalty for any intelligence proficiency check. Lastly, anyone under the influence of this potion is immune to magical sleep spells or potions.

The prime ingredients are from the tropical Thanegioth Archipelago: the cacao seed and the kola nut. If you give a guard this stuff, he will not fall asleep while on duty. It also allows us wizards to remain awake to think about and solve problems while other party members sleep.