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d'Ambreville Family Tree

by Andrew Theisen

d'Ambrevilles by Generation


Edoard d’Ambreville

"1st Generation"

Elder Ambers

Michel d’Ambreville (marries Camille de Montagnevert)
Marcel d’Ambreville (marries Marie-Helene de Montagnevert)
Constance d'Ambreville (aka Countess d'Ambreville)

Elder Non-Blood Relatives

Camille de Montagnevert (marries Michel d'Ambreville)
Marcel d'Ambreville (marries Marie-Helene de Montagnevert)
Unnamed husband to Constance

"2nd Generation"

Michel's children

Gerard de ? (illegitimate son of Michel; eldest of the 2nd gen d'Ambrevilles; tutor to Richard, Etienne, Charles, and Simon)

Michel and Camille's children

Richard d’Ambreville (marries Isidore de Foret)
Etienne d’Ambreville (marries Catharine)
Charles d’Ambreville (marries Isabelle Gravelotte)
Simon d’Ambreville
Magdalene d’Ambreville
Henri d’Ambreville

Marcel's children

Petit-Singe/Maurice Belon (illegitimate child; true parentage known definitively only to Marie-Helene, Camille, and Etienne)

Marcel and Marie-Helene's children

Gaston d’Ambreville
Guillaume d’Ambreville (marries Janette Toorden)

2nd Generation Non-Blood relatives

Isidore de Foret (marries Richard d'Ambreville)
Andre-David de Foret (Isidore's brother)
Isabelle Gravelotte
Catharine (last name can't recall; marries Etienne)
Janette Toorden (marries Guillaume)

"3rd Generation"

Etienne and Catharine's children

Jean-Louis d’Ambreville
Claude d’Ambreville

Richard and Isidore's children

Monique d’Ambreville
Georges d’Ambreville

Guillaume and Janette

Michel d’Ambreville

Gaston's children

Dubricus d’Ambreville (illegitimate)

Undetermined parentage

Gergy d'Ambreville (Dungeon Magazine #12; is noted as distantly related- presumably either a child of an illegitimate parent, cousin, or some such)