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Amulet of Maintaining

by Tristan Dunigan

Amulet of Maintaining (useable by anyone)

Amulets of Maintaining are the creations of Inheritor Mages. As it becomes difficult to travel and cast "Maintain" spells on everyone in need, certain, special individuals are given these amulets. The amulets can be any article of jewellery, but must be something that can be worn against the skin, just like Cinnabryl. As enchanting these items is expensive, and those Inheritors with the ability to enchant the items are few, these amulets are rare and coveted.

Wearing the amulet offers the wearer the effects of a Maintain spell, "maintaining" the wearer at his/her current stage of Red Curse effect. As long as the wearer keeps the amulet, his/her condition will never degrade.

Should the wearer of an Amulet of Maintaining use a Legacy, however, the amulet automatically becomes useless, sending the possessor into the next level of Red Curse effect. (A wearer in the Time of Loss automatically goes to the Time of Change, etc.)so these items have also become useful tools for Inheritors keeping individuals from using Legacies. Most see the trade off as beneficial however.

Another benefit of the Amulet, is it gives the wearer the ability to travel outside the cursed areas and not have to worry about the ill effects of the Curse. One can come and go at will.