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Amulet of Magic Resistance

by Robin

These ancient yet powerful amulet grants the wearer a decree of magic resistance of 1d6x5%. Anytime the amulet is worn and a spell is cast at the wearer, he is allowed the percentage chance to fully avoid the full effects of the spell. However, the wearer can also not cast any magic based/affected by the Radiance at the same percentage chance. As these are ancient Blackmoor radiation protectors they affect only radiance influenced spells (and thus lose their usefulness after the Radiance is exploded) and as being affected by time, use, and wear, only 0-50% (DM roll1d100) of all such amulets confer magic resistance against all level spells. The remaining 51-00 extend magic resistance only to spells of 1d6th level or lower, and have no effect on spells more powerful. All such amulets, regardless of the amount of resistance conferred, are delicate magical structures. If the wearer rolls a 95 or higher on the 1d100 magic resistance roll at any time as above, the fragile item has been disrupted and shatters into useless scrap. The item is normally a hereditary gift and part of 4000 year old traditions which began in Redfen (current Glantri City). These items were created those days amass by returnists (turning away from technology back to nature) to protect the offspring from Radiation (as there were many generators/conductors spreading radiation). As such these Amulets also give a basic bonus to any saving throws vs. the Radiance, the Wasting Disease or even the Large Dreaded Dire Disease (Shome papilloma Radiensis virus) of +5 on the saves without affecting its powers (as long as functioning). It is rumoured under Immortals Etienne owned such an object, but discarded it after discovering the Radiance and becoming Rad. These items are 50% resistant against fire and heat, but do not transfer this resistance to the wearer. Valued at 15.000Dc, 15cn. These items were important in the discovery of other sources of Magic unaffected by Days of Dread.

99% of all known spells in 1000AC are radiance influenced spells, in 1010AC this is 95%. The radiance influenced spells are however used almost 100% in 1000AC, and 99% in 1010AC. Almost nobody is aware of non-radiance influenced spells even if they would use the spell, until they discover that spell being functional at Days of Dread.
The magic resistance roll of the item is what remains after 4000+ years . originally it gave a 99% resistance to radiance magic and a 100% protection to radiance afflictions. in 2300BC this item would have a roll of 1d20x5%, in 1700BC 1d12x5%, in 500BC 1d10x5%, 500AC 1d8x5%, expected 1500AC 1d4x5%