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Analysing the Languages of Mystara

by James Mishler

From a post on my gaming blog:

The Traldar actually left little of their language or culture to the Traladarans, as most of the Traldar were slain or fled during the Beastmen Invasion of 1000 BC. The Traldar, IMM, played the part of the Achaeans to the Mystaran equivalent of the Pelasgians, that is, the Taymorans. And it was the Taymorans who eventually evolved to become the Traladarans. The Traldar left behind some elements of their religion, a few place names, and little more.

The Traladarans are divided into three major branches, each of which speaks a related dialect, though the three dialects are quite distinct, having different influences:

The Voldavians of the mountains, hills, and deep forests of the north are the "purest" of the Traladarans, having little influence from other cultures; they are the Mystaran analogue of the Slavs. They have little remaining influence from the Traldar, and cleave strongest to the worship of Zirchev.

The Volagans of the seacoast, river valleys, and southern light forests have been culturally and linguistically influenced by the Thyatians for more than a thousand years, being in fact descended from a mix of Traladarans and Thyatians; they are the Mystaran analogue of the Romanians. They also hold the strongest influences of the Traldar, and cleave closely to the myths and legends of Halav and Petra.

The Volszegy are found throughout Traladaran lands. They are descended from Traladarans and far-wandering Saamari, a tribe of peoples from the far north who were, themselves, once ruled by nosferatu lords (exiles of ancient Taymor, loyal to Nyx). When their masters were destroyed during an ancient war with wampyrs (the energy-draining vampires loyal to Thanatos), they set out to the south to find their master's "Southern Paradise." They arrived ca. 500 BC and set up their own petty kingdoms, now long lost. The Koriszegy family was of this race of people. The Volszegy are the Mystaran analogue of Hungarians.

Boldavians are descended from Voldavians and Flaems; the Viseri are the "Western Traladarans" of the Savage Coast, descended mostly from Volagans, with a strong mix of Thyatians, and a lesser influence of Voldavians and Volszegy.

Naming differences derive then from different influences. Voldavian names are the most Slavic, while Volagan names are more Romanian (from Traldar and Thyatian influence), and the Volszegy have strong Hungarian style naming tendencies due to the influence of the Saamari (the analogues to the Magyars, nomadic Finns).

There are a few charts on that linked post to show influences and derivations.