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Anastasia "Sunday" Brandywine

by Matthew Levy

Female Human Thief level 2
lower (middle) class
Str 9
Dex 11
Con 8
Int 16
Wis 11
Cha 14

hp 9 AC 10
THAC0 20 dmg d4/d3

proficiencies: endurance 3, religion 6, tumbling 7, animal lore 8, herbalism 7, all knives and daggers

speaks Thyatian, Ochalean (10), Traldar (10)

thief skills:
open locks 20%
find/remove traps 15%
pick pockets 30%
move silently 25%
climb walls 90%
hide in shadows 15%
detect noise 20%
backstab for double damage

traits: alluring, glib, moderate rodent-phobia

+2 bonus to appearance for all seduction attempts (courtesan kit)

has prosthetic steel left arm, enchantedly animated, with a lovely rose engraving.

geases: will cease to exist if she dons a bustier, cannot appear outside her workplace in scanty clothing or she will grow a goatee.

stuff: white blouse with butterfly collar, blue cardigan, Church of Karameikos holy symbol, plaid skirt, knee socks, shiny shoes, white cotton panties, white cotton bralette, 2 daggers, 1 stiletto, blue hair ribbon, monocle, 10' pole

Sunday is of Nuari/Hattian descent, six feet tall, with dark skin and kinky hair and very very sharp fingernails. She was once a sweet and innocent student at the Church of Karameikos' Our Lady of Chastity School for Girls in Specularum, until she was kidnapped and later seduced by the evil (and sex-crazed) wizard Bargle, who performed bizarre experiments on her, leading to some of her more unusual features. Now she works as a Courtesan for the Kingdom of Thieves, still disguised as a schoolgirl, and occasionally performs assassinations of her clients. Due to her size and energetic personality she can occasionally be somewhat intimidating, but her deceptively wholesome appearance and dangerously sweet manner always cause her intended victims to drop their guard sooner or later.