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by Mischa E Gelman

History: Androus is a 20-year old lad living on the Isle of Amora in the Milenian Empire. He was born there, is growing up there and wants to live his life there. Well, there and on the seas. You see, when Androus was a little tyke he loved watching the ships go out to sea and wished to be among the sailors. He ran away from his home at age 12 to join the crew of one of these ships. On one of these trips, only last year, he found a great amount of wealth after they found the wreck of a pirate ship not yet plundered. Few survived from that voyage due to a horrible storm soon after the find but Androus was one of those. With his share of the gold, he decides to buy his own boat.
Personality: Androus' life is the sea and his ship. Nothing, not even his own life, means more to him, and he certainly will never place anyone else's life at higher value. He is not a bad person though and will not do a cruel act unless it helps him further his life at sea or improve his ship. If he is forced to act harshly towards someone, he finds himself regretting it and agonising over it later.
Appearance: Standing 5'0" and of light build, Androus is not at all an imposing figure. He tries to look menacing but never quite cut it. In fact, many would consider his brave stances more laughable than realistic. He is of medium complexion and has wavy brown hair. His garb is typical for that of a Milenian sailor, serviceable and not fancy. He wears an amulet of Protius around his neck at all times.
DMing notes: Androus easily gets into situations he cannot deal with, mostly stemming from his recent ship buying. He could barely afford the vessel and now is in desperate need of money and will do anything to get cash. This includes renting out the ship for dangerous voyages, piracy, selling passengers to the Merry Pirates or many other events that could involve the PCs. If the PCs have befriended Androus, they may have to save him from all sorts of troubles he has gotten himself into due to this need of cash.
Combat Notes: He is a 4th-level thief. AC 6 (Leather, dexterity bonus); hp 5; at 1; D 1d6+1 (spear, Milenian bonus), save T4; ML 9 (12 if his boat is at risk he will do anything to save it); Al N/C; S 11, I 7, W 12, D 15, Co 6, Ch 5. Languages: Milenian, Neathar General Skills: Seamanship (D+1), Knot Tying (D), Forgery (D)