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City of Aengmor 1012 AC

by Robin

As part of my research of the Broken Lands, the city of Oenkmar aka. former Aengmor had te be part of it.
From the Original Oenkmar map (as restored from Gazeteer 10 Orcs of Thar, here Aengmor, with a measurable scale, instead "1 inch =250' "
This map will be used for the map Creation of New Aengmor, when the Shadow Elves have finally pressed Oenkmar Back up towards the surface (not completely but ) . Clearly can be seen the multitude of pyramids new to the city, where they tore down the humanoid shambled settlements. Roads have been laid down, and almost any Shadow Elven family turning away from Rafiel, towards Atzanteotl desired a personal temple near the great temple. Within a few years they succeded, and then the cty was ppushed up by the magma, the Nightwing released and the magma below hardened, locking Aengmor forever in its former location high up in its former volcanic shaft where the Rock of Oenkmar, upon which first Mictlan was build, conquered by the Shadow Elves, overbuild to become Aengmor, lostt to the Shadow Elves due some due geological changes, Overrun by Humanoids, Sunk into the Great Magma Chamber, resided there for very long, the discovered by Dwarfs, Then rediscovered by Shadow Elves, instantly making a Holy War to get what they thought was theirs, and at the same time attempting to control the Broken Lands (without humanoids)...
The Temples are in different sizes, like the Azcans a central Place is in front of the Great Temple,
The Bleu square-like structures are residences of more important groups (wanderers, Second Shadow soldiers, priests etc).
Gone are most of the muddy curvy ways, now stone paved paths in more straight lines give easy access to important locations.