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by Mischa E Gelman

History: Anika is 25 cycles old, having been born in a small village in southern Nithia. The youngest of 7 children, she was angered at the privileges her brothers received which were denied to her. At age 15, this anger had reached the point where she could not keep it contained - she stole a spear from a neighbour and struck her brother dead when no one was around. Fearing reprisal (given her well-known antagonism to her brother), she fled the village and headed alone to the badlands. She managed to survive and eventually found some like-minded souls in a bandit camp. As they were more accepting of female assistance than other Nithians, she joined on and has risen into the rank of leader of these bandits over the past 10 cycles.

Personality: Anika is a cold-blooded woman, her human side having been destroyed by years of neglect, second-hand treatment and crime. She feels responsibility for her fellow bandits, but saving her skin comes first.
She is a careful soul and doesn't raid caravans that are well-defended nor does she use direct confrontation techniques. Instead, she has worked on perfecting ambush arrangements in the location for years, and has found the optimal sites and methods. She is willing to provide a job for Nithian women fleeing the oppressive restraints of their culture, being an equal-opportunity employer.

Appearance: Anika stands a mild 5'0" and weighs just 100 pounds. She is armed at all times with a range of weapons (spear, short spear, javelin and hand axe) and her sole armour are regular desert clothing and three pairs of bracers. She has short black hair and typical Nithian features.

Combat Notes: She is a 4th-level fighter. AC 10 (7 if not surprised), hp 20; at 1; D d6+3 (spear, skilled proficiency, strength bonus); save F4; ML 10; Al C; S 13, I 12, W 12, D 7, Co 9, Ch 6. Languages: Nithian, Neathar, Chaotic. General Skills: Bracers (all 3) (D), Nithian weapons (short spear).