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by Jeff Daly

This sword, possessed of an extremely sharp blade, is impervious to most normal methods of destruction. It was created early on in Thyatian Imperial history, in order to combat the overwhelming magical might of Alphatia. Thyatis feared Alphatian aggression, and had to have a quick answer. The greatest mages were consulted, and found one. The exact nature of the creation of the sword is unknown, save for scrolls kept locked in the vaults of the Thyatis Imperial government. For whatever reason, the Alphatians have been completely unable to duplicate this magic. This is a good thing, as the Thyatians fear the Alphatians would actually find a practical way to use it. The mere existence of this sword has helped to keep Thyatian and Alphatian aggressions in the colonies, and away from the Empires proper.


The sword really only has one power, though its incredibly keen edge lends a +1 in combat. If held in the right hand, and the command word "nihil" is spoken, a great destructive blast radiates outward from the holder, destroying all in a 12 mile radius. This also destroys the wielder, but such considerations have still stayed Alphatia's hand.