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The Second Age of Anarchy

by Sean Meaney

At the destruction of Blackmoor, the World of Mystara was thrown into turmoil. For a thousand years the peoples wandered across the lands. A time of migration as the world changed around them. This time is known as the Age of Anarchy.

AC2000: The Second Age of Anarchy
The Hollow world itself is sealed at the southern polar opening and then pulled out through the top until all lands have changed. Seas have been replaced by Mountain ranges that ring the outerworld. The Hollow world and Outer World are crushed together on the same surface.
The Immortals are shackled to the planetary surface and their clerics can only pray for magic in the same eight mile Hex that their immortal is shackled to (24 mile, 72 mile...for the greater immortals). Immortals to whom sacrifices must be made.
Here in the ruins of the World they struggle to build Theocratic city-states as the wilderness descends into chaos.
Wizards can no longer memorise from a spell book as required but must now go to the terrible expense and time of researching the spell they wish to use over many weeks every time they desire to use it.
It is an age of Iron and Steel when magic and immortals will be of no help beyond the fortified walls of your slave built cities.

A new Mystara is Born.