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Antalia 2300 BC timeline

by John Calvin

So I thought I'd post this now because I was doing some work on the Hollow Moon's Quarikka, and always wanted that to represent a degenerate form of the BC 2300 Antalians. While working on the HM material I realized that my timeline was a bit sparse (for both the Quarikka and Antalians) so I'm going to work on that here for a bit (and hopefully kill 2 birds with one stone).

Here is a rough outline:

BC 2995: The Antalians strike deals with elemental beings (Fire and Water specifically) in order to preserve their culture from the rapid climatic changes following the Great Rain of Fire.

BC 2950: The rise of the Winter Kings begins, as Antalian territory grows to cover much of the frozen lands of the north. The Antalians battle with giants and hoards of beastmen.

BC 2550: Winter recedes, and many of the great glaciers begin to shrink. As the power of the Winter Kings lessens, Antalian society begins to fracture.

BC 2500: Antalian culture begins to split between the Followers of Fire and the Followers of Water/Ice. Skirmishes erupt as the two groups fight for continued dominance in Antalian leadership.

BC 2400: A great volcanic explosion occurs in Vulcania, destroying the remnants of the southern elvish civilization, and the ashes thrown into the atmosphere create a mini ice-age. Antalian tribes flourish in the area later to be called Norwold.

BC 2300: What has been a centuries long battle between the forces of Fire and Ice is finally coming to a head. [Modern day for BC 2300 Setting]

BC 2100: The city of Koorak, last bastion of the Firelords, falls. Rather than fleeing south to warmer lands, the refugees head north toward the glaciers. They are never heard from again. [This is the end of Elemental Powers manipulating the Antalians. Those few who cling to the old ways head north to become the Quarikka]

BC 2000: The domed cities of the Firelords crumble and fall due to infighting. One of the few remaining cities is moved to the Hollow World for preservation. [One of those cities may actually survive to the present day, far in the northern hemisphere, to become the fabled city of Quarik.]