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Antalian Language Family

by Greg Weatherup

Antalian Languages (in the Neathar language superfamily):
script: Usually not written, when it is written is usually done so with Runic (a form mixing Elven & Dwarven symbols I believe) or Essurian (either modern Essurian script or old Essurian runic) or very rarely with hieratic Nithian.

The FGaz line breaks it down thusly-
Heldannic: 85% mutually intelligible with Northman
Norwoldensian: 90% mutually intelligible with Nordurlandic, 85% mutually intelligible with Northman
Nordurlandic: 90% mutually intelligible with Norwoldensian, 90% mutually intelligible with Northman
"Northman"* - with very minor (emerging) Vestlander, Ostlander, Soderfjorder, & possibly Oceansender dialects

I view it that the above constitutes a Sprachraum that may or may not include various other Norwold & Borean "Barbarian" Tongues.

also there is Renatic (which has elements in common with Ranax per the FGaz), Essurian (and its derivatives), and in the Hollow World survives the old Antalian tongue.

*= often listed as Antallian or Heldannic or Norse (personally I don't like the name "Northman" as a language name)

possibly also in this family:
Eusdrian? I don't know enough about it, it might be in the related Carnuilh family
Thratian & Thyatian (and their derivatives)? Some sources say yes, some say they are too far removed.
Hattian? If it is even a seperate language.

did I miss any?

These are the M-Old Norse languages, and if I understand it correctly the peoples descend from the Daharians (an Aharian or "True Neathar" people with some Valoin and/or Oltec mixed in). Norwoldensian & Nordurlandic are clearly little more than relatively minor dialects. I think this language (or family) used to be the "Common" for most of the North-eastern lands of Brun before the arrival of the Alphatian & Thyatian tongues, and likely still serves as such inland from Norwold (and even in rural areas).

Does that sound right?