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Antalian Wastes Campaign Ideas

by Håvard

I'm trying to come up with ideas for a campaign that combines the following parts of the Hollow World:


BECMI: White Ape, Polar Bear, White Dragon, Gold Dragon, Werewolf, Werebear, Direwof, Frost Giant, Snow Ape, Crystal Dragon, Werefox, Wereseal, Wolf, Colddrake, Sasquatch, Actaeon, Animal Heard (Goat, Elk, Caribou, Moose), Giant Ferret, Pixie, Sprite, Giant Weasel, Bear, Gnome, Dryad (Huldr), Nixie (Nökk),Troll (Arctic)

HW: Frost Zombie, Wooly Mamoth, Cave Bear, Giant Eagle, Auroch, Arctic Wolf,

AC9: Lynx, Eagle, Great Eagle, Giant Elk, Giant Fish, Hawk, Giant Hawk, Giant Owl, Raven & Crow, Wooly Rhinoceros, Faedorne, Fundamental, Silver Warrior), Cryion, Garl, Hephaeston, Lupin, Qaurik (& Firelord), Pachydermion (Wooly), Rakasta, Stalwart, Decapus (arctic), Gakkarak (Giant Fir), Ice Wolf, Phantom, Surtaki (Arctic), Thunderhead, White-Fang,

Savage Coast MCA: Goatmen, Jorri (Otterkin), Mythu'nn,

New Monsters: Winter Ghost (As Desert Ghost AC9 p 23, but Water Elemental), Muskoxtaurs (Khuzd's fan expansion),


What are things to explore in the Antalian Wastes?

PC Options (BECMI)

What are other ideas for adventures in this part of the Hollow World?